Bubba G Update


Thank you to everyone for your concerns yesterday.  It was a difficult day for me, because of what I had experienced with Ray the Vicktory Dog.  Happily, this time we had a much better ending!.

On one side of his head Bubba has smooth skin where his ear should be.  Everyone assumed that meant the entire ear canal had been removed.  Horrifyingly, that isn’t the case.  He has a full formed ear canal, that the skin grew over as he was healing from his horrific injuries.  It is hard to understand just how badly he had been hurt.  According to his medical records (which I received from Denver Animal Control on Saturday), it was touch and go if he’d even make it for the first few days.  He weighed 55 pounds when he was discovered bleeding to death.  He weighs 80 now.

Because the canal is sealed off, with just a pinhole opening, it is going to be very prone to infections.  We will have to monitor carefully, and in the future we may have to do surgery to keep him from having even more severe problems.

Bubba was placed under anesthesia while his ear was flushed out with sterile water, and then the entire ear canal was packed with a long term antibiotic paste, which is meant to stay in place, gradually dispersing naturally.

Last night was rough for our boy, but this morning he is full of the dickens. He has been tearing around my office, getting in to everything.  That just tells me that he has been feeling bad for awhile. I feel badly that he was in pain, but all I can do is vow it will never happen again, now that I know what to watch for.

As the vet told me yesterday, those of us in animal welfare tend to be drawn towards the challenging or broken.  Bubba will always have ear problems because of his abuse and mistreatment.  That’s who his is, and I wouldn’t change him for the world.

Now I have to go…Bubba is standing on the freezer in my office, trying to get to a box of parrot toys.  It’s going to be an interesting day.  LOL

A Minor Procedure for Bubba…a Major Crisis for Mom


I had to drop Bubba off at the clinic today, for what should be a small procedure.  If I ever doubted his importance in my life, today graphically demonstrated how much I depend on him.  As I walked away from the clinic after dropping him off, I had a total panic attack.  I am still crying as I write these words.  Not because he is in any real danger, but because the last time I dropped off my heart dog for surgery, I never saw him again.  I don’t think I can survive another loss like that.  The loss of Bubba would be every bit as devastating as the loss of RayRay.

I think most people are aware that Bubba had extensive dog fighting injuries that cost him both of his ears.  Not everyone knows that he lost one entire ear, including the canal.  A skin graft covers what should have been an ear, with a tiny little pinhole left, most probably for drainage. You can see what I mean in the photo below.


In the past couple of weeks Bubs has been shaking his head, and pawing at his “no ear”. I noticed the pinhole had increased in size, and it looked like there had been a little drainage.  So I made an appointment to check it out.

Yesterday we discovered he had a nasty infection in that no ear.  It took three of us to hold him while the doctor used a tiny catheter to flush it out.  We could tell it was incredibly painful for him, and he was showing signs of being really stressed by the handling.  So she decided the best thing to do would be to sedate him, clean it out, and pack it with an antibiotic paste that is meant to stay in place.

Last night we could tell  he already felt better.  He had a prolonged case of the zoomies and was just a total handful.  It makes me feel terrible that I didn’t catch the issue sooner. It must have been extremely painful to have that nasty build up. This medical procedure is just going to help that much more.

I know this is a minor issue.  I know he will do fine under sedation.  I know this will help him feel so much better.  But I can’t help crying about what could go wrong.  I need this boy in my life.

Until they call to tell me I can come pick him up, I’m just going to be a basket case.


Hey Paul Ryan, I don’t Need Your Reverence

Anyone who was at all surprised or horrified by Donald Trump’s comments about women on that tape was either a) in total denial or b) too stupid to be allowed to vote or run for office.  Or, even worse, they think the exact same way.

They think that women are the “weaker” sex.  That they are placed on this earth to be subservient to men. That women should be “revered” and “protected”.

I’ve got news for you.  Every single woman in this country has been dealing with this crap since grade school.  We have had to deal with it at school, at work, or when we are on the street.  We’ve all had to fight off unwanted attention.  What Donald Trump said, we’ve been hearing for years.

Every one of the politicians who are now berating Trump is just as guilty as he is.  They KNEW what he was.  Everything that has come out of his mouth has demonstrated that he has little regard for women.  That their physical appearance and “sex appeal” is their only worth.  Not their talents, or drive, or intellect.

I’ve watched today as politician after politician has said things like this quote from Paul Ryan: “Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified,”

Excuse me….I don’t want to be “revered”, I want to be treated as an equal.  I want to be appreciated for who I am, and what I’ve accomplished, not protected because I’m somehow weak or vulnerable.  I can take care of myself.  I always have been able to.

Every man who says things like that is just as misogynistic as Trump is…it’s just more insidious this way. They are clearly stating that women are the weaker sex.  That we aren’t strong enough to stand up for ourselves.  That we need men to protect us.

Yeah, I don’t think so.

Stop acting like we are all a bunch of hot house flowers that need big strong men to stand in front of us and shield us from the horrible comments.  You really want to make a difference? Start backing laws that offer equal protections, and stop acting like you are prince freaking charming, riding up on a white charger to save the innocent maiden.


Our Pit Bulls are Family


Last week when PeTA posted that piece of trash article celebrating Montreal’s ban on pit bull terrier type dogs, they included a video of the worst possible propaganda called “100 pit bulls in 100 seconds“.It showed images of dogs in the most dire and abusive situations.  PeTA was trying to show that this is the reality for ALL pit bull terrier type dogs.

In response, the group My Pitbull is Family is asking for people to post pictures and stories of their pit bull terrier type family members on FB, with the hashtag #mypitbullisfamily .  I think the goal is to be able to show that we too can make a video of 100 pit bulls in 100 seconds, showing beloved family companions.

I decided I wanted to take part in the effort.  Because my dogs ARE part of my family.  They are integral to the fabric of my life. So I sent a brief explanation to mypitbullisfamily.org, along with some photos of our beloved kids.

It got me thinking about the dogs in my life, and our personal shift from lab type dogs to pit like dogs.  How did a 50+ year old woman become a champion for blocky headed dogs?  On the face of it, it really doesn’t make much sense.

I was introduced to pit bull terrier like dogs when I was asked to take on a couple of “office dogs”.  Office dogs are dogs who spend the day in offices, to help them become more social, and thus more adoptable.  My first office dog just happened to be a pit bull type.  As was the second, and the third.  Pit bulls are overwhelming popular in our country today, and they are one of the types of dog flooding shelters.  They are the dogs most in need of rescue right now.

By my third office dog I was a huge fan of these breeds.  By the time RayRay moved into my office, I was totally sold.  He just clicked with me and with Kevin.  All the great characteristics of the breed were exactly what I had been looking for in a dog.  I love the crazy sense of humor, the athleticism, the lazy couch dog…all in the same package.

And, to be totally honest, part of the attraction is because they have been so maligned.  Have you ever known that one child who needed a little extra?  Who had a little trouble making friends?  Didn’t you feel protective of that child, wanting to help smooth the way?  That’s how I feel about these dogs.  So many people refuse to look past the blocky head and muscular frame…to see the silly puppy inside.

Yes, they are large.  Yes, they are powerful.  Yes, if they attack they can do a great deal of damage.  But so can any large dog.  Just like children, dogs need guidance, socialization, and a sense of what’s appropriate.  That’s our job as dog guardians…to provide them with those boundaries.

Unless there is something medically wrong, no dog attacks out of the blue. Behavior doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  Dogs do what they do because it is meeting a need at the time.  If it isn’t rewarding on some level, they don’t bother doing it.

Most aggression has its roots in uncertainty and fear.  A dog who is comfortable with his place in the world rarely has to resort to violence.  Especially when the humans in his life are aware of body language and signs of stress. Even the most basic common sense should tell us it’s not ok to let our kids sit on dogs, or pull on their ears.  Even hugging can be extremely uncomfortable for some dogs.  You need to watch for those subtle signals that say “I’m uncomfortable with what’s going on here”.

Until my last breath I will champion these dogs.  They bring something unique and precious to our lives. I love my blocky headed kids.  McCaela the Turtle, Bubba G and Bosco have each brought something very special into my life. The world would be a pretty bleak place without them by my side.



Hey PeTA…Leave Our Dog Out of Your Propaganda


“Good for Montreal”.  Those are the first words of an article PeTA posted on their website congratulating Montreal on a job well done.  They talk about spay/neuter, microchipping, and vaccinations and how much they appreciate the measures Montreal has taken to be responsible.  They however fail to address the sheer cruelty of the muzzle requirement. They don’t acknowledge that this law is designed to punish dogs for natural behaviors. They don’t say a word about the portion that penalizes outdoor cats.

But worst of all…the thing that makes my blood boil and makes me see red…they invoke the Vicktory Dogs.  They had the audacity to mention the Vicktory Dogs in their hideous, abhorrent article.

These are dogs that PeTA went to court to try and have euthanized.  They actually petitioned the court, and when the court wouldn’t listen, tried to sue to have the dogs killed.  They called them “ticking time bombs” and the “most dangerously trained fighting dogs in the country”. And now they want to use them to make a point.

I try to write this blog so that my language doesn’t offend anyone, (even though my ideas might be offensive to some).  I believe that there are better ways to get your point across than profanity.  But sometimes civility just doesn’t cut it. So, if swearing offends you, please stop reading now.  Because I only have one thing to say to PeTA…..

FUCK OFF you sick disgusting sanctimonious pieces of human excrement.

To use the dogs who so proved you wrong to make a case for BSL is not only hideous, it is immoral.

If I had the money I would sue the pants off of you.

You suck. What you stand for sucks.  And you should be ashamed of yourselves.

But how can I expect anything better from an organization which would steal and kill a little girl’s beloved companion.  Apparently PeTA has a real issue figuring out what is theirs to use, or destroy.


Montreal’s Mayor Hates Dogs (and Cats)

peta pic

Yesterday the Montreal City Council voted almost 2 to 1 to adopt an extremely harsh animal by-law.  One that punishes all dogs and owners, but most especially blocky headed pit bull terrier type dogs.  Or ones that look like them.  Or ones that might have any dna of one.

The by-law is incredibly restrictive, and in some cases cruel beyond belief.  Most people are concentrating on what it does to pitties…but it effects every single dog owner in the city.  Let’s take a look at some of the information I uncovered in my research:

The portion aimed at pit bull terrier like dogs encompasses these type of dogs:

  • American Staffordshire Terriers
  • Staffordshire Terriers
  • American Pit Bull Terriers
  • Any mixed breed dog which has any degree of these breeds in his make-up
  • Any dog who presents with characteristics of these breeds, regardless of actual breed (if your dog has short hair, or a muscular frame, or a blocky head….)
  • And here’s the scary part:  the council has the right to add any breed of dog they choose to this list, at any time, with no additional hearings required. 
  • All dogs on this list in city shelters must be euthanized if they are on-site after October 3rd.


If your companion falls into any of the above categories, you will need to obtain a special permit.  What does that entail?  A lot:

  • Your dog must be muzzled twenty-four hours a day until you obtain a special permit.  There is no telling how long it will take to get said permit, as every pit bull terrier like dog needs to have one.  That means thousands of people trying to obtain permits as quickly as possible, so their dog doesn’t have to suffer. If you do not muzzle your dog at all times, he can be seized and euthanized on the spot.  No appeal available.
  • You must be at least 18 years
  • You must present a document which shows you have no criminal history…at all.  So if you ever did something silly or stupid in your youth, you may have just lost your dog.
  • You must provide proof your dog has been fixed and vaccinated.
  • You must pay a $150 fee
  • You must prove you were living in Montreal on October 3rd, and the dog lived with you at that time.

OK…you finally get your permit to keep your beloved companion, everything should be fine now, right?  Wrong.

  • Your dog must be muzzled at all times when outside of your house, even in your yard.
  • Your dog must be on a 3 foot leash at all times, even in your yard, unless your fence is at least 6 foot high
  • Your dog must be supervised by an adult at all times.  Don’t plan on going to the bathroom without him, unless another adult is present.
  • Your dog must wear a special medallion on his collar at all times.
  • Your dog must wear a harness at all times.
  • If you fail to do ANY of the above, your dog will be seized and euthanized.  No appeal process available.
  • If your dog somehow gets loose, and is picked up by Animal Control, even if you a permit, even if he has met all the requirements, he will be euthanized.
  • City animal control officers and police have the right to enter your home/yard at any time to ensure you are in compliance…without a warrant.


By-Law portion pertaining to all dogs

The by-law also provides for something called “at-risk” dogs.  An “at risk” dog is any dog who bites, has tried to bite or exhibits behavior which could be considered compromising to any other human or animal.  If you have a dog reactive dog…he’s going to be considered at risk. Your dog will be required to wear a muzzle in public forever and will be banned from dog parks and other areas for off-leash dogs.

Then there is the “dangerous dog” designation.  This would be any dog who kills a person or (get this one) an animal…of any type….including rodents, vermin and toads.   A dog can also be declared “dangerous” by any competent authority who believes their behavior is dangerous. Any dog declared dangerous will be immediately euthanized.  Immediately.  With no chance of appeal.

Here are some other lovely portions of the law that effect every single dog owner:

  • The law limits household pets to 2 dogs and a total of 4 animals all together.
  • If you have three dogs, you can apply for a special permit, which you may or may not receive.
  • You may only walk 2 dogs in public at a time.  If you have three dogs with you, you need to have the special permit on your person.
  • The leash you use can be no longer than 5 ft long.
  • All dogs must be spayed/neutered and microchipped
  • You may not take more than 2 dogs to the dog park
  • If your dog weighs more than 44 pounds he must wear a harness.

I understand requiring responsible ownership from people who choose to have animal companions.  But this law makes it very difficult for people to have dogs in their lives at all.


And they didn’t forget cats.  Cats are not allowed outdoors at any time, or they will be euthanized.  You say you’re a responsible owner, and your cat stays inside?  Well, what if she accidentally escapes?  And I can only assume this law means that all community cats (ferals) will be rounded up and killed.  Horrifying.


Right now there is a massive move to get all the pit bull terrier like dogs out of Montreal shelters and moved to safety, before next Monday.  I know we all want to help, but beware of con artists who will take this opportunity to steal from well-meaning folks.  Let the Montreal SPCA take the lead.  They will tell us what needs to be done.  In the meantime though, you can certainly apply to adopt a dog: http://www.spca.com/?page_id=4796&lang=en

The only conclusion I can come to is that the Mayor of Montreal hates animals.

UPDATE:  The Montreal SPCA has launched a lawsuit against the city of Montreal, claiming the new ordinances are discriminatory and illegal based on Quebec law.

Stay tuned for further updates. #boycottMontreal

Disgusting Use of Dogs……


Full disclosure.  I am a native South Dakotan who spent many years working on the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe and Lower Brule Sioux Tribe reservations.  My sympathies lie squarely with the indigenous people, trying to protect burial sites and other sacred areas.  I firmly support their right to a peaceful, prayerful protest of the pipeline scheduled to cross their historic lands.

Many people weren’t aware that this protest has been going on since April.  And that the tribe has been in court attempting to get an injunction against the construction.  They are following all the proper legal steps.  Last Friday their attorneys presented documentation to the Federal Court proving that the lands in question are indeed archaeological and religious significant sites.  The court was scheduled to rule on their filing this week.

Instead of waiting for the ruling, the construction company, Dakota Access Pipeline Company, waited for the holiday weekend, and moved bulldozers into the area and plowed up the ground which is currently under contention.   The protesters were rightly enraged.  They were playing fair, the company was not.


The renowned Sioux leader Black Elk made a prediction in the late 1800’s, stating that the 7th generation Sioux (which would be now) would unite the Native American nations to save the Earth.  Another legend speaks of the zuzeca snake, a black snake, which would threaten and destroy the world.  Many of the protesters believe this pipeline, which could threaten the existing water systems, is that black snake.   The tribes are indeed uniting, the 7th generation has come, and the leaders of this protest believe the very earth, and the water we depend on, is threatened.

A call went out to Native Americans across the country:  please join us, and help us save our lands and water.  The numbers at the encampment began to swell.  More than 100 NA nations are now represented at Standing Rock.

I need to state again that this is a peaceful protest.  That the entire campsite was founded after a prayer walk.  These people are standing up for their beliefs, in a non-violent way.  What happened Saturday brings me back to visions of the police in Selma, during the Civil Rights era.

Saturday morning the protesters became aware that the land had already been torn up.  Land where many of their relatives are buried.  They knocked down the construction fence and yelled at the bulldozer operators.  They did not fling rocks, they did not fire guns, they did not threaten violence.

Suddenly pick-up trucks with Ohio license plates began pulling on to the site.  Private security guards with snarling dogs descended on the assembled men, women and children.  These dogs were not the properly trained security dogs you see with police officers….they were, as Jonni Joyce, a canine security dog trainer with 25 years of training experience stated,”alligators on leashes”.  http://www.democracynow.org/2016/9/6/canine_expert_decries_egregious_horrific_dog

The dogs were lunging, barking and actively trying to bite people.  You can watch the video of the altercation here:  www.democracynow.org/2016/9/4/dakota_access_pipeline_company_attacks_native

It was mayhem.  People were screaming as they were pepper sprayed and bitten by the dogs.  One of the dogs broke away and repeatedly attacked a horse being ridden by a protester.  According to news sources, at least 6 people were bitten, including a pregnant woman and a young child, who had to be hospitalized for her injuries.

Watching the video was difficult for me.  I love dogs, and to see them being so misused was horrifying.  You could tell the handlers had no control whatsoever, and that the dogs’ training, other than to make them vicious, was non-existent.

According to news articles, the dogs were “trained” by Frost Kennels.  Please feel free to leave a message  on their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/frostkennels/  The owner of the kennels is accusing the protesters of throwing rocks and hitting the dogs with sticks.  Well duh…if you are being attacked by a vicious dog, you are going to take steps to defend yourself.

Probably the most disgusting display was by a young woman named Ashley Nicole Welch.  This woman sent her dog into a group of protesters who were just standing there.  Gave her dog the full length of the leash and urged him to attack.  And when the dog tried to retreat, she hauled off an hit him, hard enough to move him sideways.  When you watch the video you can see that she urges the dog forward again and again.  In this photo, you can actually see blood dripping from the dog’s muzzle after he attacked one of the by-standers.


This woman’s actions were assault towards the humans, and cruelty towards the dog.  She needs to be arrested and charged for an unbelievable display of cruelty. According to one report, the dog actually turned on her and bit her at one point.


This poster is currently being circulated:


You may or may not care about pipelines, or indigenous people, or protesters.  But I know most of my readers are dog people.  You certainly should care about this gross misuse of dogs….Dogs who will probably end up euthanized for their part in this horrific event.

UPDATE:  The Federal Court has granted the tribe their restraining order for at least part of the land.  And the Army Corps of Engineers is in full support:  http://www.indianz.com/News/2016/09/05/army-corps-backs-restraining-order-again.asp