Why Playing Poker?

Why Playing Poker


If asked why they play online poker, the majority will say, “To make money”, but is it what you think as well? First, most of them lose, and this looks like a state of denial.

Furthermore, people do things for multiple reasons. For example, human beings don’t work at the office solely for making money; we also seek added satisfactions such as participating, being respected, keeping busy, and being productive. If money is not the only motivation for working, why is poker different in this respect?

Because poker is a macho game with a macho culture. Note that the intention of the game is to take other players’ hard earned savings. Machismo is so important that some persons who don’t want to win in fact pretend they play this card game to win.

As the money won or lost represents success at poker, we naturally emphasize that. Many golfers play for money, but they do not declare, “I play to make money”. They play for the fun, and winning money is just a small part of the pleasure. Of couse if you are offered a party poker bonus code, use it as you will definitively make money from it.

The myth that poker players play just for money is reinforced by many holdem portals. Since money is crucial to these writers, they believe that the readers have the same set of priorities.

Omaha poker is a game, not a business for the majority. We love to play games for many goals, but primarily for the amusement. The dollars won and lost are like the goals made in a soccer match, just a way to keep track of each player’s score.

Anyone who says that poker players play to optimize their profits does not understand what actually goes on at most poker games.