My Online Poker Limit Hold’em Strategy

I have been playing $1/$2 limit full ring Hold ‘em on Poker. I have had great results with my new strategy, about $20 per hour playing 4 tables.

I have gone from being a tight player, to an ULTRA-tight player. I am playing about 18% of my hands (which the big blind and small blind should account for 20%). KJo in early position? Fold. QTs in mid position? Chuck it. QJs two away from the button? Buh-Bye.

Couple this with never calling a raise preflop. If someone raises before me, good bye KQs, automatic fold with ATs. Unless I have AA, KK, or AKs I am not calling a raise preflop. AQo? Good Bye and fold.

How this works out is, I might fold 30 hands in a row (3 orbits) and then finally limp in. Boom. Winner. Fold 20 or so more hands in a row, raise, 3 calls, Boom – another winner. Since typical play there are at least 3 to 4 people in on a hand, I am getting 4x money bet when I finally do play a hand.

I have an amazing win rate when I do see a flop. For instance, a recent small sample session I played 200 hands. I saw a flop 22 times, winning 17 of them, and the 5 I lost where mostly instant folds when I completely missed on the flop.

This strategy works best when players are some what tight, and at least aware of what other people are doing. It probably won’t work with the play any two – see any flop – super micro crowd. Too many suck outs, and you get blinded to death playing so tight. At $1/$2, I avoid the super aggresive tables with average pot sizes of $12-$14. The $9-$11 average pot tables seem to be better, loose – but not super aggresive.

Of course, simple super tight preflop strategy is not all that makes this system a winner.

Here are some post flop plays that this strategy capitalizes on to turn a profit

  1. Raise, don’t limp. Since you are ultra tight and only playing the most premium hands, you will find yourself coming in with a raise more often than a call. The table will adjust, and people will be less likely to limp in when you have yet to act. This can be exploited later, but for now punish the cold-callers, Bet/Raise the hell out of your hands. Slow play is for chumps.
  2. Use Lee Jones Winning Low Limit Poker strategy. If that flop doesn’t hit you hard, fold! Lay it down. Cut your losses. The table will adjust, and realize when you do come in – you have a good hand, and if you bet the flop – you have a monster. Fold preflop, fold if it doesn’t hit, and bet like hell when you have a hand.
  3. Always extract maximum value. Be aware of pot odds. For example, you flop 4 to the nut flush. Probably top pair bets into you. If it is more than heads-up, don’t call, be sure to RAISE your flush draw when you have pot odds. Because of the high show down percentage of wins, raise and value bet the river. People will quickly start getting tired of calling down raises and getting shown the nuts. You will start taking down pots instantly by simply betting your draws.
  4. Protecting blinds is over rated.With this ultra tight strategy, it doesn’t make sense to grind out a few bets in several orbits, and then get involved in a 3-bet free for all blind defense with a halfway marginal hand. Fold the blind, give them the $1. Remember the table will adjust, people are playing tighter and preflop raises mean more than usual. Don’t call raisers, remember? You are going to make up for it later when you do get a monster, and are able to make a legit 3-bet preflop and
    post flop against a blind stealer.
  5. My Online Poker Limit Hold’em Strategy
  6. Be aware of table image.You might go so far as to fold a possible winner if you got caught and are going to have to show down a marginal hand. You only want to show players the AA, KK type hands, enforce the thought that this is the only type of hands you play.

Once the table has tightened or adjusted, you can still make money

  1. Steal blinds with abandon.Button, Cut Off position? Passive players ahead of you? Raise. Take the blinds. I have even stole blinds UTG.

I had such a tight table image, I had ATo UTG which should be a fold for even a mariginally tight player, certainly a fold for the ultra-tight only play monsters guy. Raise UTG, it really doesn’t matter what you have. What could a super tight player be raising UTG? AA, KK? Entire table folds, including the blinds.

Be aware of what hands really play better with fewer players. Raise. Narrow down the field.

  1. Bet that flop.In the SB, I was lucky enough to get dealt AKs of spades. 3-bet the two players still in (early raiser and a call two cold), BB folds. They both call. Flop comes all small diamonds. BET! You have shown that you only bet the flop when you have hit, you will find yourself taking down a small pot that you didn’t have a chance of winning if it had played all the way out.
  2. Slow them down.Player hits lucky flop, or bets out of nowhere on the turn. Raise. Sometimes you will win pots outright, sometimes they will fold the best hand on a later street, and sometimes they will go to check/call mode.

I have had people check/call the turn and river with the very absolute nuts. Thank you for extracting the minimum from my good hand. They were either scared that I would some how pull a non-existent better than the absolute nut card and raise them, or figured that my tightness would cause me to fold to a bet. Confusion among the enemy is good.

A new way of looking at your money.

  1. Say you have just stole the blinds when it was folded around to you on the button, you raise, the blinds fold.

The next hand from the cutoff you get A9s, which is a playable hand. FOLD!!! A9s is good, but it is not a monster. You are in the cutoff, the next 7 hands are free. You have just stole the blinds, so you have your BB and SB already in your stack. The next entire orbit after this is all free. Is A9s really the best hand you are going to get in the next 17 hands?

  1. You just raised a flop in early position and took down a small pot when every one folded.Folded the next garbage hand, and you are now the big blind with some nice mid suited connectors. Some one raises in an obvious blind steal, and the SB who is decent calls. Fold. Normally, suited connectors can really pay off in such a situation, but it is not a premium monster hand.

Fold and give them $1 big blind. You just took down a small pot. The next 2 orbits are entirely free. You are going to have 20 free hands, almost all with better position. Is out of positon connectors against a raiser and a SB willing to call the best hand you are going to get in the next 20?

You might find it strange to only play 3-4 hands an hour, but you might enjoy raking in 3-4 pots an hour, with minimal $2-$3 in costs waiting to do so. Chucking KJs when some one raises might be foreign to you, but you will probably like later being able to 3-bet a turn knowing you are beat and taking down a good sized pot when the best hand lays down.

Laying down normally good blind defense hands to a steal hurts, but it evens out when playing orbit after orbit free as you post and fold blinds that you have stolen.

Try it, you might like it.