Beware the Scam – Paws Family Ranch


Animal welfare and rescue people have the biggest hearts in the world.  They will share their last dime to help a dog or cat.  They will share photos of dogs needing homes.  They will share links to fund-raisers.  They will work their butts off to help make a difference.

But the same thing that makes them so wonderful also can make them a target of unscrupulous people.  People who try and take advantage of those caring hearts.

Today a friend alerted me to the fact that a “rescue” called Paws Family Ranch was using a photo of Bubba G to raise money.  They didn’t outright say it, but the way the post was written it was made to sound like they were asking for money for Bubba’s medical expenses.  Medical expenses which were incurred and paid by Denver Animal Control more than 2 years ago.

hurt bubba

And Bubba isn’t the only dog they are using….there are plenty of well-known dogs that are showing up on their page.  How stupid do you have to be to use photos of dogs people know?

The people are the worst leeches on the earth.  They are taking advantage of people who desperately want to help dogs in need.  And they need to be stopped.  Their Go Fund Me campaign is currently closed, but people like this don’t give up, they just move on to the next scam.

I have filed a formal complaint with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office.  I don’t know if it will do any good.  But I want to work to make sure not one more person is taken advantage of by this scum.  They picked the wrong person to screw with.  Ray’s page has about 150K followers, and Bubba has about 50K……we have a pretty broad audience to share this with.

A word of advice……do not donate to anyone you do not know.  Do not donate to anyone you can’t verify is on the up and up.  Don’t send your hard earned money to someone on their say so.  I’ve seen this happen too many times.  It can be fairly easy to check to see if a rescue is legitimate…you can visit a Non-Profit site like Charity Navigator, or you can check to see if the rescue is listed as a non-profit with their state.

There a lot of amazing rescues that deserve your support….this is not one of them.



14 thoughts on “Beware the Scam – Paws Family Ranch

  1. I may have a physical street address for these scammers. I searched through their Twitter when everything started gong down and found a post where someone wanted to send them a donation but didn’t have an address. Paws Family Ranch replied back with an actual street address. I took a screen shot of it, but didn’t want to post it publicly and cause bigger problems. Please let me know if you want or need this info to help with the complaint that was filed.


  2. GoFundMe is aware of this scam. They are refunding donations & are investigating the campaign. Anyone that donated should fill out a refund complaint form. They will refund in 3-5 days. This is so heartbreaking for all the private rescue groups that are fighting to save lives & need help!!


  3. It looks like people are reporting to their bank or paypal to get the charges reversed. The gofundme went from $375 yesterday to $345 today.


  4. I think we finally got their Facebook page shut down!!!

    Yesterday, Dillsburg Veterinary Center posted a message stating that Paws Family Ranch was using a picture of Libre, a beautiful rescue that Dillsburg nursed back to life, as one of the dogs that Paws rescued. Everyone who helped with Libre’s journey was outraged. We banded together and started bombarding Facebook with complaints.

    First, the GoFundMe page that Paws set up was closed (although it still appears, people cannot make donations).

    Then, this morning I tried to check out the Paws Facebook page, and it looks like it’s gone! Thank you everyone for helping bring awareness of these fraudulent animal welfare groups.

    Have a GREAT day everyone!

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      1. I was following this last night and posted the map of the so called directions to the rescue. It may or may not be a fake address with owner name. The fb page was taken down around 2 a.m. I was told this neighborhood/area is having a lot of stolen dogs and this “rescue” was donated healing oils that she said she needed for her dogs. I’m suspecting possible dog fighting.


    1. They also used pictures of Chance Christmas the puppy the Guardians of the Green Mile RESCUED Dec 25th 2015. Found with his legs broken and his muzzle taped. I would to help nail these people for what they did.


      1. Vicki, Paws Family Ranch is a scam using pictures of dogs from numerous rescue organizations as their own to get people to donate money. I believe Lita meant that they are using a pic from Villalobos.


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