In Ray’s Words, Three Years Ago

Ray CGC win!

“Seven years ago today I was rescued from Bad Newz Kennels, along with 50 other pit bulls, and assorted other dogs, including rotties, cane corsos, and beagles.

What is important about that date is not just that a new life began for all of us, but that we became a symbol of something that needed changing in this country.

Before this, if a fighting ring was busted, the dogs were all euthanized after the court case. We were considered implements of a crime, not victims. That all changed with the Vicktory Dogs.

A court battle was waged to have us evaluated as individuals. The evaluators were experienced dog people. They hoped they would be able to save one or two of us. Imagine their surprise when all but one passed every test they threw at us. For the first time ever, fighting dogs were being given a chance to show that our past did not define who we are.

Some of us were ready to go into homes right away. Some of us to weeks, months or years to get there. It took me 6 1/2 years. There is always hope. There is always time to do the right thing.

And because of us…the Vicktory Dogs: Hector, Jonny Justice, Halle, Mel, Little Red, Oscar, Cherry, Shadow, Squeaker, Audie, Georgia, Handsome Dan, Layla, Ellen, Lucas, Willie Boy, Denzel, Curly, Mia, Lance, Tug…and all the rest of us….we have together changed the world. We stand for so much more than what we are. We have shown that the heart of a dog can overcome the worst of upbringings…the worst of treatment…the worst that humans can throw at us. We are dogs. We are not monsters. We are individuals…and we can love with hearts as big as the world.

Seven years ago we didn’t know the kindness of a human touch. We didn’t know about couches or beds, or stuffies, or leftovers. We didn’t know that butt scratches were the best things ever. But now we do. And because of us, many, many other dogs have been saved, rehabilitated, and are now enjoying these wonders themselves. And that’s a good thing.

So today, in honor of this occasion, please give the canine companion in your life an extra hug and kiss. Think about dropping a few bully sticks or stuffies at your local shelter. Instead of remembering where we were let’s celebrate where we are. Thank you.”


4 thoughts on “In Ray’s Words, Three Years Ago

  1. I am so glad that “you” rescued these dogs. I realize it took a village for this to happen. All the dogs are in loving environments, where they are allowed to be themselves. To the dogs who have passed, You knew you were loved!!! To the ones still with us, Every day is a gift. You are special people. You are the lucky ones!


  2. Ive followed the Victory dogs story simce it broke and they are an amazing bunch of animals. I have a 10yr old Pit Bull and a 4 yr old foster i adopted days after she came with her own heartbreaking history but with love and patience shes overcome her rocky start. Basically thank you for your dedication and love you all gave these beautiful babies and for the follow ups over the yrs


    1. I Love reading your posts! You always find away to ring true all the facts about this wonderful breed of dog! I have been rescuing/fostering/foster failure for the last 6 years! The dogs I have saved have brought more joy into my life than I can ever repay back to them! The VICKYORY DOGS have and will continue to be my inspiration as I go along this journey to save as many as I possible can! Thank you so much for sharing Ray Ray’s life with all of us that have followed his journey, I will never forget all that the Vicktory dogs have been through! I also would like to thank you for sharing Bubba G and Bosco and Turtle’s life with us! I just love them all so much! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for this dog breed!
      P.S. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of Little Red, I sent Susan a card.


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