Vick Fans Need to Know the Truth


Every year on this date we remember the dog fighting bust at Bad Newz Kennels on Moonlight Road.  We celebrate the lives of the dogs who were saved, and we try not to think of the man who was at the bottom of the fighting operation: Michael Vick.  I try hard not to think about this man at all.  But then one of his fans says something stupid to me, and I lose it.

Michael Vick fans have three major arguments:

  1.  Michael Vick had no idea what was going on at his property, and even if he did, he only bankrolled the operation.
  2. Michael Vick has served his time and we should just all shut up and go away.
  3. Anyone who isn’t willing to totally forgive the man is a racist and only hates him because he is black.

Unfortunately for his fans, none of the above is true.

When the dog-fighting bust occurred, it was quickly apparent that the State’s Attorney had absolutely no intention of pressing charges against these hometown boys.  The only way anyone was going to trial is if the Feds stepped in.  So in a highly unusual decision, they did.  But because there is no federal cruelty statutes, the charges had to be for violations of the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) for racketeering related to the gambling offenses.

You can read the federal indictment against Vick here.

When the bust went down, Michael Vick, through his lawyer, released a statement proclaiming his innocence and stating that he looked forward to “clearing his good name”.  That statement is the one his fans cling to.

However, once his co-defendants started making plea deals and pleading guilty, things started looking pretty dicey for Vick. His lawyers got hold of some of the plea agreements and statements of fact from others in the dog fighting bust: including this summary of facts from Quanis Phillips, and this plea agreement for Tony Taylor.

Michael Vick came to an agreement with the feds for a plea bargain.  One of the stipulations of the agreement is that Mr. Vick would be totally honest about his involvement in every aspect of the operation, including the kennels, the matches, the gambling, and his involvement in killing under-performing dogs.  Here is a copy of his summary of facts.

Unfortunately for Michael Vick, his summary of facts varied widely from those of his co-defendants.  FBI agents felt that he was not being forthcoming.  After more than 6 hours of intense questioning, they ordered Vick to undergo a polygraph examination, which he failed miserably.  (The failed lie-detector test was mentioned as a reason the judge increased Vick’s jail time, above what prosecutors were asking for). Vick also tested positive for marijuana at the same time, another violation of his plea agreement.

After failing the test, Vick admitted to everything his co-defendants had stated.  He was personally involved in the dog fighting operation for more than 6 years.  He bankrolled purchase of the dogs, the gambling purses (some bouts had purses of up to $26K) and he personally killed dogs by hanging, drowning, electrocution, and on at least one occasion by slamming the dog into the ground repeatedly until he died.  He admitted to throwing pet dogs to the fighting dogs and laughing as they were torn apart.  He admitted to throwing his own children’s dog into the ring.

One of the witnesses at the sentencing hearing was an old time “dogman” who had been in dog-fighting for decades.  He helped Vick set up the kennels.  He taught Vick how to train and fight the dogs.  But he eventually refused to work with the operation any further, and agreed to testify against Vick.  Why?  Because he said Vick “didn’t respect the dogs”.  How low do you have to be when dog-fighters think you are scum?

Eventually the state brought one charge of dog-fighting against each of the defendants, which was plea bargained down to a fine.  Vick didn’t spend a single day in jail for any of his actions against the dogs.


When he first got out of prison, Vick made a deal with the HSUS, and came out against dog-fighting in carefully orchestrated performances.  He said he had seen the error of his ways.  But when one of the Vicktory Dog adopters tried to talk to him about the dogs, he was told by Vick’s entourage that “we don’t care about the damn dogs”.   Richard Hunter (Mel’s dad) got the entire interaction on video and posted it on YouTube.

As far as the racist argument goes, I don’t think there is a dog advocate in the world who would have responded any differently, no matter what color of the offender.  The thought of dogs being killed in such horrific ways makes us shudder.  Cruelty and torture is not a matter of race, but of morality.

Thanks to Melissa, Cherry’s mom, here is a link to the USDA Investigative Report.  

I didn’t write this because I hate the man. Frankly, I try very hard not to even think about him.  Our dog Ray didn’t spend one minute of the day thinking about the man who abused him.  I want to strive to be in the moment as much as he was. The reason I wrote this was to have a record we can point to when his fans start in on us.  This is the truth.  There is documentation…. in your hero’s own words.

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35 thoughts on “Vick Fans Need to Know the Truth

  1. POS like this thrive on notoriety, they think its a joke, makes them feel big and compensates for their tiny dicks. Somewhere sometime he’ll get his.


    1. Saw his former wife on a tv show ,covered head to toe in fur.Dripping in diamonds , so was his mother.Disgusting..Both said they knew about the fighting and were asked how they felt about it .Both said he would eventually get caught, but they didnt mind that some of the mink coats and diamonds they were wearing came from money from the dog fights..that the whole stinking pos family.




    1. #3 is a really stupid statement. He is hated for the horrific cruelty to animals. That has nothing to do with his color. Racist is now the word used for everyone that doesn’t agree with your own thoughts.


  2. Thank you for writing this article. I still think they should give death penalty to those who do this kind of harm to animals. Regardless of whether they are women, men, adolescents, whites, blacks, blue or yellow and of any nationality.
    That story of racism is already very tired. They stayed there >>>>>> This man is a coward and I just want to tell him that there is a lot of hatred in his heart to make the pain a business and that he will need many prayers in the end.


  3. Micheal Vicks is a ghetto scum bag that needs to die a slow agonizing horrible death… We will not miss garbage of shit Micheal Vicks….him and the people who were involved ! No regret posting this…..


  4. Love how the “race card” always gets played. Fuck him. He’s not black, white, brown, purple, orange, yellow…..he’s just a piece of fucking shit period.


    1. Regardless of his color, he is one of the worst pieces of shit that ever walked the earth. I am not usually vindictive but I hope he dies a horrible painful death and the sooner the better!!!


    1. I heard he “was trying” to be allowed to get a dog for his children. Anyone that can treat a living creature like this should not even be allowed to have any parental rights or even own a goldfish!!! May he die a long painful death VERY soon. I know of NO redeeming qualities he has !!!


    2. He, unfortunately, does have a dog now. I lost all respect for the HSUS when their President declared that he saw no reason why Michael Vick (spit) shouldn’t be a dog owner again. With those words, he totally betrayed those dogs & imo is every bit the pos Michael Vick (spit) is. They no longer get any support from me


  5. Vick served time only for not paying taxes on the money he made from the dog fighting. He never spent any time in prison for what he did to the poor and helpless dogs. He knew dam well what was happening on his property and anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot. Until he suffers the consequences of his actions he will be, forever, scum in the eyes of the public


    1. I agree that he should have been jailed for animal cruelty, but frankly I don’t care what the charges were as long as he got a long sentence. He is out now which means the sentence was NOT long enough. He doesn’t deserve to live. I wish he was killed in jail !!!


  6. Thank you for this post. Having the facts available makes retaining the lies much harder. I cringe to think this thing has children. That there was so little care for the children’s mental and emotional well-being that their dog was thrown into a fight. There are no polite words to describe how I feel about such wanton cruelty. I can’t really say the dogs received justice. I must agree, this is not remotely about race. It is about power, the abuse of power and wealth, and a being who is truly immoral and that exists regardless of the color of the skin.


  7. He should have been euthanized.
    What he did to those dogs, what (he) did should have been punished. Instead he got a slap on the hand.
    Now he is right back making millions and doing whatever he wants.
    He has a great life, what about the dogs he murdered?


    1. I think he should of been kicked out if football. Our children look up to these athletes. Once somebody beats there wife or chiild or is involved in dog fighting or gambling should be kicked out no second chance. It is sickening to think of the horror these dogs went thru. He will always be a sick demented minster you can never change that. Hopefully karma will come for him


  8. I used to be a big Vick fan. Having gone to Virginia Tech and lived in Blacksburg. But when all the stuff about him came out about the dog fighting and him killing the dogs in various ways. I began to hate him. I can’t forgive such a heartless man. He is evil!!!! Simply put!!! Evil!!!


  9. Drag him through the mud? I would like to drown him in it. Just like he did some of those poor dogs. Nothing but a heartless monster.


    1. Amen Jane. I hope to hear that he has a horrible painful deadly disease and dies as painfully as possible. No reason for him to be alive!!! I am not normally vindictive except for cruelty. People that commit cruel acts should get a punishment double the pain his victim(s) suffered.


  10. It’s coming, you sorry sack of shit. You’ll get what is coming to you. Karma will make you pay for your crimes, one way or another, it always comes back to haunt you. This life or the Hereafter…
    I won’t even call him human…sack of shit is about as kind as I can get.


    1. Well, you spoke for me, so I suppose all I can say is “WELL-PUT” !
      And, yes, I truly believe he will pay very dearly for what he has done….. The majority of people won’t forget this person.


    2. Why give a sack of shit a bad name? I would rather treat a sack of shit with more respect than vick!!! May he die a long painful death and start very soon!!! I hope the karma bus hit him and I am driving !!!


  11. Thank you for putting all of the facts in one place. I have followed the Victory dogs’ story ever since Best Friends did that special Dog Town episode so many years ago. I read the book that the Time journalist wrote detailing every bit of the story and cried my way through it. I was horrified when the NFL gave him his job back. I have kept up with many of them through their Facebook pages and saw the film The Champions. I have also cried when some like your sweet Ray or most recently Lil Red crossed the Rainbow bridge. I don’t own a pit bull but I love animals and I don’t breed discriminate and I try to educate whenever possible. These dogs have touched my heart and those of you who stepped up to care for them have touched it as well. I try not to hate this man but I’m not sorry that he has failed miserably in his return to football. Maybe there is some small amount of karma working there.


  12. I can’t really “like” this post. The only good thing I can see that came out of this is that because of all his money, many of the dogs were able to be rehabbed, ( or live their lives in sanctuaries) and people could see that pit bulls, even fighting dogs, can be rehabbed. I don’t care what color someone is who does something like this. And no one should protect or excuse someone who does it just because of his color either.


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