DBO Trolls Need to Do Their Homework


Apparently I need to school some of the DBO folks about dog fighting.  Yesterday one of their trolls kept going on and on about Ray being only 40 lbs.  I couldn’t figure out why in the heck that would matter….then it dawned on me.  She was trying to use the DBO argument that the Vick dogs weren’t real fighting dogs, since they were, in some cases, so small.  She hadn’t a clue what she was talking about.

The dogs varied in size, from the tiny Oliver to Lucas, the Grand Champion.  But even Lucas was smaller than most people would think a champion should be.  In their mind a true fighting dog would be massive, like Bubba.  (I think we know from Bubba’s past injuries that he was NOT a good fighting dog.)

injured bubba

When there is a fighting dog bust most of the dogs have a certain “look”…just like the Vicktory Dogs.  For the most part they are American Pit Bull Terrier mixes, which are smaller and lighter than Staffies or AmStaffs.  Most of them come from true fighting dog lines, bred for generations.

pit types

Dog fighters have worked tirelessly to breed certain characteristics into their fighting lines.  Virtually no fighting dog is a “pure breed”.  When DNA testing was done on some of the Vicktory Dogs it was surprising to see the results.  Some of the small dogs had Boston Terrier in their lines.  One of the dogs actually had some Cocker Spaniel thrown in the mix.

These dogs, although small and light weight, are the preferred type for formal dog fighting.  I’m talking about organized dog fighting, not young thugs setting their dogs against each other as a test of their manhood.  Smaller dogs are faster and more agile than a large boned dog.  They make up in speed and tenacity what they lack in bulk.  A smaller dog tends to have more stamina than a larger, heavier dog.

dog fight1

In an organized dog fighting match like-sized dogs are pitted against each other, similar to boxing or wrestling weight classes.  Each dog is weighed before the match to make sure they are the right size for this bout.  That is why there are usually several different sized dogs in any fighting kennel.

Another DBO contention is that the Vick dogs developed Babesia after they were rescued. Once again they are trying to address something they don’t understand.  Babesia is initially a tick borne illness, just like Lyme disease.  Fighting dogs, often chained out in the woods, are prone to tick infestations. Once a dog has been infected he can pass it on through his saliva, especially through deep puncture wounds.  Many, many fighting dogs are Babesia positive.  Ray was, and our girl Turtle is.

bing in dog house

There are things I wish I didn’t know about dog fighting and dog fighters.  But I forced myself to learn about it because of Ray.  I was trying to understand what he had endured.  Maybe the trolls of DBO should do the same thing.  As it stands now, they just come off sounding ignorant.


10 thoughts on “DBO Trolls Need to Do Their Homework

  1. Been following your FB page, after reading The Lost Dogs and we are also about to foster what is described as a Pit Bull Mix but looks exactly the size and weight and “look” of an American Bulldog in your photo above. Anyway. His Tennessee foster mom’s videos show him to be the sweetest, most loving dog, despite being chained in the backyard as a puppy by people who didn’t have time for him. Thank you for being an inspiration, for being a great educational resource, and for all you do!


  2. I really enjoyed reading you article. Thank you for your research and clear thinking. I especially loved the picture with the different “bully” breeds. I would love to have a poster like this. Could you point me in the direction to find one of my own? Thank you so much! Love to you and your furry family. RIP Ray-Ray.


  3. Even though I never met him, I cried the day I read that Ray had died. Thank you for this article, but alas, I doubt anyone on the DBO page will learn anything from it. They may have in for the bully breeds, but they actually seem to hate all dogs. Because of their hate, they want to deprive everyone else of the right to love and being loved by a dog


  4. If I was going to be opposing something, especially if I was going to have an organization for opposing whatever it might be, I certainly would not rely on emotional arguments unsupported by factual information. The rabid responses of these people and their determined clinging to ficticious and questionable information does not lend them believability since it only takes a few minutes to find plenty of true, supported facts to find they are wrong. I do know that if any “breed” of dog is treated in the way the fighting dogs are it wouldn’t matter, any dog will fight under the right circumstances. It would make far more sense to oppose those forcing dogs to fight than to oppose the dogs themselves. Thank you for your defense of the pitties (of all sizes and types).

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  5. Thank you, for all your research,and, sharing your knowledge. Most of all, thank you, for loving Ray and sharing him with the world while he was here. Rest In Peace Ray….Run free!


  6. Thank you for the work you are doing; thank you for saving these dogs. I have read your article with interest; the picture showing the different breeds and their sizes/weights is particularly interesting. I cannot understand why anyone would call into question your veracity in relation to these dogs having been used for fighting…Why would you make it up??
    God bless you in your life-saving work.


  7. Well said! But, the DBO people aren’t really interested in knowing facts. They are fueled by fear (largely drummed up by DBO and similar people) and fear cannot be quelled by facts. It’s sad, really, but the best we can do is spread the light among those who are simply misinformed and one by one, the light will drive out the darkness. Ray (RIP), Bubba G, Bosco and Turtle, as well as our dogs Bruno (RIP), Ava and Camden, and many, many others, are helping spread the truth — one pibble-kissed person at a time.

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  8. I applaud your resilience when dealing with those trolls I’m afraid they are about as sensible as the Westboro Baptist Church though. I once posted a comment quoting Dr. Brian Hare on his research into canine behavior and the unlikelihood of it being breed related, and the reply I got pointed me to dbo to look up stats on dog bites and victims. When I responded by pointing out a few incorrect statements on dbo, the person responded that I was probably one of those crazy people that thinks humans are actually animals and are related to apes, (they actually said monkeys, but from the comment, I assume they don’t make a distinction). Luckily, their uneducated statements help rational people see through their agenda for what it is…..a whole lot of crazy fueled by hate and a lack of critical thinking skills.

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