The World is Sadder Today


17758239_685137015012168_6895442719047982529_o.jpgJust a couple short days ago the Vicktory family found out that Susan’s beloved Little Red passed away in her sleep.  This is one of those losses that cuts to the core of my heart.  Little was a dog who had the sweetest disposition of any dog I have ever met.  Her sheer presence made everyone feel happy.  Little made you want to be a better, calmer, nicer person. You wanted to be worthy of this sweet soul’s trust and affection.

I am so sad about her loss…..but I am sadder for her mom.  Susan was the perfect adopter for this frightened little girl.  She gave Little the type of life that every dog deserves.  I know she is hurting…..and there is little I can say to help heal the wounds.

Please keep Susan, and the rest of her dogs, in your thoughts today.  This was a very painful loss for everyone concerned.

Run free and happy Little Red…and give Ray some love from me.  I know he’ll help show you the ropes up there.


11 thoughts on “The World is Sadder Today

    1. Every time a dog is lost, the world gets a little darker, a little meaner. RIP Little Red and all the Vicktory dogs we have lost. 😦 😦


  1. I’m so sorry for the loss today. I saw all the extra stuff that Littles momma went through on a video- it shows so much patience and compassion and love and there isn’t a day that will go by without sadness- but I’m so happy she lived fully loved and cared for and safe! Without Susan and Little together, Life wouldn’t have been the same! Play with your other family Little and enjoy your peace!


  2. So very sorry she knew love and happiness you are truly an inspiration as she was from the life she had to the life she received she is with you always. Prayers


  3. The photo of Little Red at Best Friends when she first got there compelled me to sponsor her. I have followed her life ever since and I am so truly happy she found a new life with good people. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for taking such good care of her


  4. From the moment I saw her sweet face on the screen while watching The Champions at the Denver Film Festival screening something about her touched my heart, it was also perhaps the sincere love I saw Susan had for her. I quickly started following the on facebook and have loved keeping up with Little and Susan. She reminds me so much of my shy, scared boy that I lost just 5 months ago and her death has brought back such grief today. I know they can’t live forever, but how I wish they could.


  5. So well said. I didn’t know Little personally but there was just something about her. Such a beautiful little soul. And the love her mom will always have for her is so very evident. My heart breaks for her.


  6. Blessings that she went in her sleep. Thank you for giving her a life of love and a peaceful passing. Sending love and comfort for the hurt of her loss. Run free, Little Red ❤


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