The Truth Still Matters

Bubba says “ppffftt” to DBO idiots (photo by Justyne Moore)

Yesterday I read a distasteful opinion article entitled “Denying Reality Won’t Make Pitbulls Any Less Dangerous”. It is another hatchet job, masquerading as truth.  For the most part, I’ve tried to stop fighting these battles on-line.  It does no good, and it’s bad for my blood pressure.  But something about this smug article, with its defamatory title tic’d me off.  So, I responded:

Do you know why animal people were so incensed with Michael Vick? It was because of the cruel and abusive way he killed dogs. Why did he kill them? Because they wouldn’t fight. He killed any dog who wouldn’t fight. And there were a lot of them. Dog on dog aggression is not natural, for any breed. Most of this type of issue can be fixed by leaving puppies with their mothers for 12 weeks instead of 4-6. Those extra weeks are critical socialization windows. This is when a puppy learns the social skills necessary to be a happy, balanced dog. He learns bite inhibition. He learns dog body language. Many pit type dogs are bred by irresponsible people who want their money quickly, and sell puppies much too young. I understand and used to share your discomfort around pit like dogs…until I started working with them. Until I got to know that a well-trained, well-socialized, well-treated amstaff or staffie can be the most loving and loyal of companions. Until I met and fell in love with a little brown fighting dog from a notorious fight bust. That dog lived his life trying to recover from what was done to him. He was the victim of a crime, not the implement. He died without ever hurting anyone.

First thing this morning I discover the author has published the exact same article on another site and is now calling it  “The Cult of the Pitbull” (one word…sigh). Same drivel, same tired-ass DBO supporters gushing and thanking him for have the courage to speak the “truth”.   Let me tell you something:  if you can’t tell the difference between fact and opinion, you are one of the problems in this country.  People like this are why we have an issue with “fake news”. Truth matters.  It matters a lot.  And if we ignore it, as this author is asking us to do, it will cost innocent dogs their lives.

Here is my response to that second article…..

Pit bull terrier like dogs are the #1 most abused dog in the country. Pit bull terrier like dogs often appeal to bad, lazy or stupid people who want a dog for show or other nefarious purposes.

Pit bull terrier like dogs often have owners who abuse them, chain them up, don’t fix them, allow them to run at large, and encourage threatening behavior.

Pit bull terrier like dogs are often bred by ignorant backyard breeders who are in it for a buck, and sell puppies at 4-5 weeks, instead of the critical 12 weeks puppies need to stay with their mothers to learn bite inhibition, dog body language, and critical socialization skills.

Pit bull terrier like dogs are encouraged to behave in aggressive ways by idiots who want a tough looking/acting dog.

All of these are people issues, not breed issues.
A large, powerful, high energy dog of any type can be dangerous. We need to pass laws that are going to actually make us safer, not demonize one breed, which actually encourages punks to own them. Offer low cost (or free) easily accessible spay/neuter services. Offer dog safe training classes for kids (have been proven to reduce bite incidents by more than 50%) Enforce leash laws, outlaw chaining or 24/7 kenneling. Offer low cost or free puppy socialization and dog training classes. Enforce existing abuse/neglect laws. Hold bad owners accountable. In my mind, allowing a large, untrained, unsocialized dog to run at large, attacking a human or other dog is no different than getting drunk and getting behind the wheel of a car, and hurting someone.

My profile picture is of Bubba G….an amazing dog who was found in an alley in Denver, dying from dog fighting wounds that ultimately cost him both ears. At 90 lbs he could easily have ended up being extremely dangerous. When he came to me he was mouthy and unruly. Earlier this year he completed 18 months of training to become my service dog. He has flown the country with me. He meets thousands of people every years. He is 100% American Staffordshire Terrier (we had his dna tested). This is a true pit bull terrier type dog, and he throws all of your hysterical, unscientific assertions out the window. These are dogs, just dogs. But powerful, high energy dogs who need regular exercise and training. People cause their problems, and people should be held accountable.

Changing the world, one person at a time (photo by Justyne Moore)

My purpose in responding to this jerk is not to change his mind.  That is impossible.  It is to try and mitigate some of the damage this type of article does to pit bull reputations, especially with people with limited or no personal experience with these amazing dogs.  It is rather like trying to fill a bucket with no bottom…..a waste of resources and energy.  My secret weapon for changing people’s minds is asleep at my feet.  He expects to be adored and it shines out through his eyes.  He is changing the world, one person at a time.


18 thoughts on “The Truth Still Matters

  1. You are totally off base in your thinking. These fighting dogs are FORCED to fight. Do you understand what that means? FORCED. It is not in their nature to fight. They are not trained to fight. They are FORCED to fight. And some die instead of fight.


    1. As a caretaker for 3 pit bull terrier type dogs, 1 of whom was injured in dog fighting, and one who was a confirmed fighter, I totally get what you are saying, and that is what we believe too. I’m not sure what you read above that made you think I thought otherwise.


  2. Thanks for the story. I’ve met Bubba, yes he is a great example of proper training but a million Bubbas can’t change the mind of idiots. Like they say, you can’t fix stupid!

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    1. I too have a pitbull puppy. He’s the most loyal & adorable creature on the planet. Unfortunately his dad was the opposite & after he tried several times to attack me I had no choice but to return him back to his owner. I do however know that other than having him put down I did the right thing. I don’t think all pitbulls are bad because his son is proof of that. Our bonds growing stronger by the day. I would rather take him to.the vet when he’s sick than go to the doctor for myself when I’m sick. I love training & playing with him. He’s the best thing that happened to me after I lost my boerboel 3 years ago.


  3. I also have an American stratfordshire terrior that was used as a breeder, and then bait in a dog fighting ring in GA. Her teeth were filed down, her jaw ripped off her face. She is nothing but pure LOVE. She is a little fearful at times, but not a mean bone in her body!

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  4. In my opinion I would say you were very lucky with bubba!! No pits are not terrible animals, I 100% agree. And though I never owned one I have a few friends who do and each and every single one is so sweet!! However I would NEVER take in any dog of any breed that I know came from an abusive background. You know the old saying “you can’t teach a new dog new tricks”? Well some of these dogs were trained to be brutally nasty, and its gonna take a LOT to undo that training… are they terrible dogs? Absolutely not!! But they will do as their trained and brought up to behave. You might be able to Re-teach him how to be a sweet loving dog. BUT in meanwhile during this training period he will continue to do what he was taught to do. In other words the transformation won’t happen overnight and you WILL have a very dangerous dog on your hands until you successfully teach him not to be.I would love a pit one day, but only as a puppy or if I know his background. Sadly 9 out of 10 (I’m making up the exact ratio here, no sources) of adult pits will have an abusive background. I couldn’t take that chance for myself and my family. These dogs have their bad reputation for a reason and the only way to stop it is to stop these nasty breeeders. I think what’s needed is when a pit gets rescued and taken away from an abusive owner, instead of going to a shelter right away (or worse by put down) there needs to be a mandatory professional training process to turn these abused aggressive dogs into sweet cuddlebugs. They’ll be way more adoptable and less people would be scared to adopt them if this transformation is already in place. Also tougher laws against the abuse from the start instead of just accepting it.


    1. I find your opinion extremely troublesome… If everybody thought the way you did we would be killing thousands of pitbulls a year… None of them would ever be adopted from shelters. Right now in my house I have Bubba who came from an abusive situation in Denver, I have Bosco who came from less than perfect background in Ohio, and I have Turtle who was one of the Fearing Six fight bust dogs. Before that we had Ray the Vicktory.. the Vicktory dogs were the first fighting dogs ever saved. There have been zero issues with any of them that have been adopted. Since then there have been multiple dog fighting bust where the dogs have gone into loving homes. Not one of them has ever hurt anyone. these are dogs they’re just dogs. I don’t believe any dangerous dog should be placed in a home, that’s why we have behavioral assessments. I also don’t believe we should victimize a dog because they’ve been a victim of abuse

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  5. Thank you for speaking for those who have no voice. It takes someone with heart and compassion to be able to continue the work you do and not give up. At some point enough people will be educated And realize it’s not the breed it’s the owner. You give a dog love, you get unconditional loyalty and love. For as long as you have them in your life. When you lose them to the heavens your heart breaks, but at least you know they knew Love in their life. They are a gift from GOD to be with us for awhile. But HE’LL want them back eventually. Going back with love and joy in their hearts, and leaving us a little sadder But with memories until we meet again. Keep up the good fight, never Give up.

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  6. Reblogged this on Aquila's Place and commented:
    The hate continues. The media hype just doesn’t stop. When will people learn it isn’t the dogs who are to blame? It is, sadly, the dogs who pay the ultimate price for the hate and ignorance, the abuse and irresponsibility of their human owners. These dogs are chained to tires so they “get strong” by dragging them around. They are fed gunpowder, according to one former dog fighting owner, it makes them “crazy”. The things done to these dogs is horrific. It is NOT the dogs. It IS the OWNERS.

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  7. I can understand being against an individual of any species which is acting in a violent, aggressive and totally unacceptable fashion. But, in my opinion, to condemn and judge a whole species/race/breed by the actions of a few is idiotic and uneducated. Are there pit bull type dogs that are dangerous, yes, of course, as there are individual humans of all races who are dangerous. Do we condemn the entire human population of the earth for the behavior of a few? Why would any intelligent person condemn an entire breed or type of dog because a few are abused and taught to be dangerous? One could as well substitute Doberman, German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Chihuahuas, etc., for Pitbulls and there would be not one bit of difference. It is not the “breed” or “type” of dog that is the problem, that is the humans who in their stupidity abuse a dog for their own ends. I’ve had pits, part pit and other dogs, of all I can honestly say the most intelligent, gentle and loving was my pit, Sunny. He was used as a bait dog. He lived with my two other dogs and there was never a fight, he never bit anyone, never attacked anyone. I worked with him, taught him and protected him from the idiots who bought the media hype and refused to see the truth. We had a truly dangerous dog owned by neighbors, they tied him out in front of their home where he could reach the public side walk, and people had to cross the street to avoid him coming at them – IF they saw him in time. Prior to several police reports that dog used to run free, killed several other dogs in their own yards and bit everyone in his own home several times. He was NOT a pit bull type dog, he was a Doberman. I freely admit I hated that dog, the individual animal, not the breed. He gave me good reason to feel that way. It would not stop me from having a Doberman, it wasn’t the breed, it was the individual. I think it’s long past time for the media hype to hate pit bull type dogs to stop. You’re right about the truth still mattering. The truth ALWAYS matters. It ain’t the dog, it’s the humans in the dog’s life, the treatment and training the dog receives and if that dog is taught to be aggressive and dangerous, blame the owners. This kind of thing isn’t good for my blood pressure either, but if we don’t defend the pit bull type dogs, then the lies and bias stand and I can’t allow that. Good dogs should be able to count on good people to get the truth out there.

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  8. I know the feeling. Sorry for your blood pressure. These people yell loudly with anecdotes and assumptions, no science often citing one vet (who is probably also a dog fighter) as proof of what they want to believe. No reason, facts or logic. I can’t imagine living hating a breed of animals so much that you would spend your time trying to get them killed. I just hope that logic and compassion prevail. Unfortunately it takes many of us working even harder. I see more pittie rescues and advocates so there is hope.

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    1. Thank you for trying to clear up misconceptions about pit bull terrier type dogs. Sad thing is, only responsible people are likely to read it. The evil people who use and abuse these beautiful dogs couldn’t care less. If the authorities would mete out the punishment fitting the crimes, we could get rid of a lot of these horrible, greedy people with no morals or conscience!

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  9. I wish you’d write a book. You write so well, and you make so much sense, but your posts never fail to make me cry.
    Bubba is so lucky you’re the one who saved him. And so was Ray. These guys are YOUR victories.

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  10. For my sins I joined a FB page called “No, Its Not Starving, Fit Dogs without so many rules”.
    From the phots and posts here I would say that Pit Bull Terriers worst enemies are mostly their owners 😦
    I wish now that I had snipped and saved some of their photos of the underweight dogs they seemed so proud of, (All, by the way, in prong collars! 🙂

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  11. I think you are truly amazing. I love that you fight for this breed.I have followed you and many other Victory dogs owners for years. I lived in Minnesota for 45 years. They seem to accept pit bull type dogs much better than other states. Minnesotans also treat pit bulls much better then what I have seen other places. That makes me feel proud. Then I moved to North Carolina… Shelters are high kill many of which are pit bull type dogs. Anyway, as I am sure you have heard in the news there have been some fatal dog attacks in the state. These were dogs running together is small packs. Yes, the deaths are horrific but the only on to blame is the human that owns the dogs. I read the comments from people. I have read such hateful comments toward the pit bulls and It makes me ill. I read one where they said every pit bull in the world deserved to die. This breed needs people like you and I am so happy you stand up or them. thank you

    Shelly Zinda Charlotte,NC


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