Bubba G Update


Thank you to everyone for your concerns yesterday.  It was a difficult day for me, because of what I had experienced with Ray the Vicktory Dog.  Happily, this time we had a much better ending!.

On one side of his head Bubba has smooth skin where his ear should be.  Everyone assumed that meant the entire ear canal had been removed.  Horrifyingly, that isn’t the case.  He has a full formed ear canal, that the skin grew over as he was healing from his horrific injuries.  It is hard to understand just how badly he had been hurt.  According to his medical records (which I received from Denver Animal Control on Saturday), it was touch and go if he’d even make it for the first few days.  He weighed 55 pounds when he was discovered bleeding to death.  He weighs 80 now.

Because the canal is sealed off, with just a pinhole opening, it is going to be very prone to infections.  We will have to monitor carefully, and in the future we may have to do surgery to keep him from having even more severe problems.

Bubba was placed under anesthesia while his ear was flushed out with sterile water, and then the entire ear canal was packed with a long term antibiotic paste, which is meant to stay in place, gradually dispersing naturally.

Last night was rough for our boy, but this morning he is full of the dickens. He has been tearing around my office, getting in to everything.  That just tells me that he has been feeling bad for awhile. I feel badly that he was in pain, but all I can do is vow it will never happen again, now that I know what to watch for.

As the vet told me yesterday, those of us in animal welfare tend to be drawn towards the challenging or broken.  Bubba will always have ear problems because of his abuse and mistreatment.  That’s who his is, and I wouldn’t change him for the world.

Now I have to go…Bubba is standing on the freezer in my office, trying to get to a box of parrot toys.  It’s going to be an interesting day.  LOL


One thought on “Bubba G Update

  1. I love this boy so much…been following him since he was found here in Denver. I’m so thankful he ended up in such a wonderful, loving home. Things could have turned out much differently for him, but thanks to you he is able to be the silly, sweet boy he is!


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