A Minor Procedure for Bubba…a Major Crisis for Mom


I had to drop Bubba off at the clinic today, for what should be a small procedure.  If I ever doubted his importance in my life, today graphically demonstrated how much I depend on him.  As I walked away from the clinic after dropping him off, I had a total panic attack.  I am still crying as I write these words.  Not because he is in any real danger, but because the last time I dropped off my heart dog for surgery, I never saw him again.  I don’t think I can survive another loss like that.  The loss of Bubba would be every bit as devastating as the loss of RayRay.

I think most people are aware that Bubba had extensive dog fighting injuries that cost him both of his ears.  Not everyone knows that he lost one entire ear, including the canal.  A skin graft covers what should have been an ear, with a tiny little pinhole left, most probably for drainage. You can see what I mean in the photo below.


In the past couple of weeks Bubs has been shaking his head, and pawing at his “no ear”. I noticed the pinhole had increased in size, and it looked like there had been a little drainage.  So I made an appointment to check it out.

Yesterday we discovered he had a nasty infection in that no ear.  It took three of us to hold him while the doctor used a tiny catheter to flush it out.  We could tell it was incredibly painful for him, and he was showing signs of being really stressed by the handling.  So she decided the best thing to do would be to sedate him, clean it out, and pack it with an antibiotic paste that is meant to stay in place.

Last night we could tell  he already felt better.  He had a prolonged case of the zoomies and was just a total handful.  It makes me feel terrible that I didn’t catch the issue sooner. It must have been extremely painful to have that nasty build up. This medical procedure is just going to help that much more.

I know this is a minor issue.  I know he will do fine under sedation.  I know this will help him feel so much better.  But I can’t help crying about what could go wrong.  I need this boy in my life.

Until they call to tell me I can come pick him up, I’m just going to be a basket case.



7 thoughts on “A Minor Procedure for Bubba…a Major Crisis for Mom

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry . . . especially for you. Bubba is going to be fine, but I understand the incredible bond and love between human’s and their canine family. Imagine how happy you’ll be to have him with you after his procedure 🙂


  2. Fell so sorry for both of you. And hope Bubba will soon feel good again.
    Is it not possible to do something, so he will not so easily catch new earinfections? Think of som kind of plasticsurgery. (Hope that is the right word – I am Danish).


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