Hey Paul Ryan, I don’t Need Your Reverence

Anyone who was at all surprised or horrified by Donald Trump’s comments about women on that tape was either a) in total denial or b) too stupid to be allowed to vote or run for office.  Or, even worse, they think the exact same way.

They think that women are the “weaker” sex.  That they are placed on this earth to be subservient to men. That women should be “revered” and “protected”.

I’ve got news for you.  Every single woman in this country has been dealing with this crap since grade school.  We have had to deal with it at school, at work, or when we are on the street.  We’ve all had to fight off unwanted attention.  What Donald Trump said, we’ve been hearing for years.

Every one of the politicians who are now berating Trump is just as guilty as he is.  They KNEW what he was.  Everything that has come out of his mouth has demonstrated that he has little regard for women.  That their physical appearance and “sex appeal” is their only worth.  Not their talents, or drive, or intellect.

I’ve watched today as politician after politician has said things like this quote from Paul Ryan: “Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified,”

Excuse me….I don’t want to be “revered”, I want to be treated as an equal.  I want to be appreciated for who I am, and what I’ve accomplished, not protected because I’m somehow weak or vulnerable.  I can take care of myself.  I always have been able to.

Every man who says things like that is just as misogynistic as Trump is…it’s just more insidious this way. They are clearly stating that women are the weaker sex.  That we aren’t strong enough to stand up for ourselves.  That we need men to protect us.

Yeah, I don’t think so.

Stop acting like we are all a bunch of hot house flowers that need big strong men to stand in front of us and shield us from the horrible comments.  You really want to make a difference? Start backing laws that offer equal protections, and stop acting like you are prince freaking charming, riding up on a white charger to save the innocent maiden.



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