Our Pit Bulls are Family


Last week when PeTA posted that piece of trash article celebrating Montreal’s ban on pit bull terrier type dogs, they included a video of the worst possible propaganda called “100 pit bulls in 100 seconds“.It showed images of dogs in the most dire and abusive situations.  PeTA was trying to show that this is the reality for ALL pit bull terrier type dogs.

In response, the group My Pitbull is Family is asking for people to post pictures and stories of their pit bull terrier type family members on FB, with the hashtag #mypitbullisfamily .  I think the goal is to be able to show that we too can make a video of 100 pit bulls in 100 seconds, showing beloved family companions.

I decided I wanted to take part in the effort.  Because my dogs ARE part of my family.  They are integral to the fabric of my life. So I sent a brief explanation to mypitbullisfamily.org, along with some photos of our beloved kids.

It got me thinking about the dogs in my life, and our personal shift from lab type dogs to pit like dogs.  How did a 50+ year old woman become a champion for blocky headed dogs?  On the face of it, it really doesn’t make much sense.

I was introduced to pit bull terrier like dogs when I was asked to take on a couple of “office dogs”.  Office dogs are dogs who spend the day in offices, to help them become more social, and thus more adoptable.  My first office dog just happened to be a pit bull type.  As was the second, and the third.  Pit bulls are overwhelming popular in our country today, and they are one of the types of dog flooding shelters.  They are the dogs most in need of rescue right now.

By my third office dog I was a huge fan of these breeds.  By the time RayRay moved into my office, I was totally sold.  He just clicked with me and with Kevin.  All the great characteristics of the breed were exactly what I had been looking for in a dog.  I love the crazy sense of humor, the athleticism, the lazy couch dog…all in the same package.

And, to be totally honest, part of the attraction is because they have been so maligned.  Have you ever known that one child who needed a little extra?  Who had a little trouble making friends?  Didn’t you feel protective of that child, wanting to help smooth the way?  That’s how I feel about these dogs.  So many people refuse to look past the blocky head and muscular frame…to see the silly puppy inside.

Yes, they are large.  Yes, they are powerful.  Yes, if they attack they can do a great deal of damage.  But so can any large dog.  Just like children, dogs need guidance, socialization, and a sense of what’s appropriate.  That’s our job as dog guardians…to provide them with those boundaries.

Unless there is something medically wrong, no dog attacks out of the blue. Behavior doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  Dogs do what they do because it is meeting a need at the time.  If it isn’t rewarding on some level, they don’t bother doing it.

Most aggression has its roots in uncertainty and fear.  A dog who is comfortable with his place in the world rarely has to resort to violence.  Especially when the humans in his life are aware of body language and signs of stress. Even the most basic common sense should tell us it’s not ok to let our kids sit on dogs, or pull on their ears.  Even hugging can be extremely uncomfortable for some dogs.  You need to watch for those subtle signals that say “I’m uncomfortable with what’s going on here”.

Until my last breath I will champion these dogs.  They bring something unique and precious to our lives. I love my blocky headed kids.  McCaela the Turtle, Bubba G and Bosco have each brought something very special into my life. The world would be a pretty bleak place without them by my side.




14 thoughts on “Our Pit Bulls are Family

  1. Love this! I feel exactly the same type of guardianship and desire to protect these block heads. I love the life path that pit bull types have set me on and the people (like you) who I’ve been fortunate to meet along the way for inspiration.


  2. I’m at Best Friends this week and was hoping to see you and Bubba again. I was blessed to meet you and Ray on my first visit 2 years ago and visited Ray’s grave again today. Thank you for being such a strong voice for this wonderful group of dogs. I “failed” with one of my fosters almost 3 years ago and my pittie Lucy has been foster mom and sister to 37 dogs and puppies since then.

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  3. In our neighborhood in NJ we have Bossy a family who rescued him out of the local shelter after loosing their golden suddenly. He is the welcoming committee of our complex. anyone gets right into his face for licks. I wish him well as he now is fighting cancer.

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  4. Vicktorymom you are just AWESOME!!! I read everything you post and it’s great that the Montreal ban was delayed by a court order!! I know we all hope that enough pressure can be brought to bear on the city council that they rescind the ban altogether.

    I have two pit bulls, an 8y/o male and a 4y/o female that we’re dogsitting for our son. Diesel is getting along very well with her(he’s always loved the ladies lol). However, my wife is reacting badly to the extra dander so I think we’ll have to give her back. 😦

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  5. As usual, well written. Full of common sense. The first 2 pits I met were at Best Friends…one belonged to a staff member, the other at the house I volunteered–adopted right after I left. I was sold. I have fostered 3 and gotten to know many where I volunteer. Like any large dog, they need consistency, love and a firm hand. They are smart and catch on quickly.

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  6. I went and commented on PETA’s fb page under their article about Montreal. I voiced my opinion on their bs and told them they have no right to ever utter the words ” Victory Dogs “. I had a rescued fighter myself and she was the most amazing soul I have ever encountered. They gave me their stock answer that pit bulls need to be saved from a life of torture by euthanizing them…I didn’t take that answer very well. They banned me. I will never stop fighting for these dogs…one changed my life forever and the lives and opinions about pit bulls for others. Thank you for all you do. Much respect and love to you and your family…two legged and four ❤

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  7. Up the game. I bet you could show 1000 pits in 100 seconds, just to make a point. I mean, your have to go back and also show them at a slower rate so we could squeal over all of them.

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