Hey PeTA…Leave Our Dog Out of Your Propaganda


“Good for Montreal”.  Those are the first words of an article PeTA posted on their website congratulating Montreal on a job well done.  They talk about spay/neuter, microchipping, and vaccinations and how much they appreciate the measures Montreal has taken to be responsible.  They however fail to address the sheer cruelty of the muzzle requirement. They don’t acknowledge that this law is designed to punish dogs for natural behaviors. They don’t say a word about the portion that penalizes outdoor cats.

But worst of all…the thing that makes my blood boil and makes me see red…they invoke the Vicktory Dogs.  They had the audacity to mention the Vicktory Dogs in their hideous, abhorrent article.

These are dogs that PeTA went to court to try and have euthanized.  They actually petitioned the court, and when the court wouldn’t listen, tried to sue to have the dogs killed.  They called them “ticking time bombs” and the “most dangerously trained fighting dogs in the country”. And now they want to use them to make a point.

I try to write this blog so that my language doesn’t offend anyone, (even though my ideas might be offensive to some).  I believe that there are better ways to get your point across than profanity.  But sometimes civility just doesn’t cut it. So, if swearing offends you, please stop reading now.  Because I only have one thing to say to PeTA…..

FUCK OFF you sick disgusting sanctimonious pieces of human excrement.

To use the dogs who so proved you wrong to make a case for BSL is not only hideous, it is immoral.

If I had the money I would sue the pants off of you.

You suck. What you stand for sucks.  And you should be ashamed of yourselves.

But how can I expect anything better from an organization which would steal and kill a little girl’s beloved companion.  Apparently PeTA has a real issue figuring out what is theirs to use, or destroy.



37 thoughts on “Hey PeTA…Leave Our Dog Out of Your Propaganda

  1. All of the major animal rights orgs are in bed with each other, Wayne Pacelle called Vick a responsible pet owner. What needs to be put forward is real animal welfare over extremism and insanity. The cause of the rights movement is no more domesticated animals of any kind at all, no zoos, no conservation, no nothing. The entire agenda of the animal rights movement is wrong. PETA is just the press hooker arm of the money men of the HSUS that keep that deplorable industry going. There needs to be a real welfare movement with leadership strong enough not to get infiltrated.


  2. PETA has always had an agenda that is anti human, anti animal but not anti money.
    They are run by elitist assholes who think that everything they do is for a greater good so it doesn’t matter if it makes sense or who they fuck over.
    The truly scary are all of the people who support and follow the PETA doctrine and continue to send them money.


  3. Thanks for this, Ray the Victory dog 🙂 Sharing on the Ontario “pit bull” co-op – we have hated Peta since we found out they supported the Ontario Ban, 12 yrs ago. As a newbie in the fight back then, I was shocked and I know that many people who aren’t as involved as all of us are still of the belief that Peta helps Animals. Their huge money making, marketing, with celebs etc, is hard to debunk, but together we will do it! again, Thank you so much! – Debbie Black


  4. Reblogged this on Bloodhound News and commented:
    I love this article! This is indeed a time for profanity. It’s also a time for Canadians to take action but I worry about that. They are, after all, a country that allowed their guns to be taken away. They are very polite and obedient. That is the death of freedom.


    1. Erm …isn’t it canada who allow one of the biggest culls in the world ??? The anusl BABY deal hunt !!!!! Nothing to be pround of bring Canadian …..


      1. Lisa, perhaps you need to think a bit, calm down and at least make your opinion both coherent and legible. High emotion is not the best way to get your point across. Neither is bashing Canadians.


  5. What I fail to understand is why Peta still exists. I have yet to read even one positive thing that they have been involved in. What everyone should do is try to find a way to SHUT THEM DOWN. Any ideas?

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    1. I am so honored that Ray’s parents, Jacqueline and Kevin are my friends! They never have to much bad to say very often but when they do – they hit their mark! PeTA needs to be shut down for all the misinformation they spread around! So much for their People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – they are a contradiction within themselves! No BSL, No Muzzles and NO Euthanasia due to breed selection!

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  6. As far as I’m concerned, there is no reason any sane person should even consider living in Montreal now. If they will do this to dogs who have not proven they are a danger they are dangerous themselves. And yes, FUCK yourselves to death PETA. They wouldn’t know how to be ethical if it jumped up and bit them in the ass. How dare they condemn a dog by how it looks, or what its “breed” is. If they truly were ethical and genuinely cared about how animals are treated they would be screaming their heads off over this insanity in Montreal. They should’ve done that with Michael Vick, not his poor dogs, they were his victims, they were abused and disregarded by him. I’ve had pits, they were without any doubt, the very best, most obedient, intelligent, loving dogs I ever had. I would have a whole pack if that were presently possible and will when it is. Don’t these imbeciles understand that it is NOT THE DOG, it’s how they’re raised and treated by the humans in their lives. I’ve seen and read many examples of pits that were rescued from fighting, from being bait dogs, from abusive situations, from pounds and shelters, from the street and so starved they were nothing but skin and bones and every one of them was able to be rehabilitated and became a loving family member, granted there were some who really had to be only dogs, but considering some of the horrors they lived through that was a small thing to ask. I stand with you on this, for the sake of the dog I have now and those who went before him, good dogs all, rescues all. Keep up the good work.


  7. Well said Ray’s Mom! PETA and other organizations, who profess to be advocates for the well being of animals in our communities, are just as vial and ignorant as the politicians who legislate irresponsible laws such as BSL. The ignorance and passing such laws does nothing for the well being of both animals and humans in our societies. The only thing it does is kill innocent victims and puts their families at risk. #BoycottMontreal #PETAsucks


    1. Right there with you sister!!! I’ve never been a fan of PETA but I did believe in the basic thought process as far animal cruelty. THEN they stepped out after the Vick terror and when they did that I lost what little regard I had. I have a rescue pit and it will be a cold day in hell before anyone will take her away. She has her own Facebook page that works towards BSL and hopefully helping educate the public about the issues. She pushes for adoption and spay/neuter. God bless those guys that have been saved


  8. If it’s a matter of money…I think enough people adore and support you and the hubs (I know I would donate)…I say a go fund me is a good start to cover filings, etc w a few pro bono attorneys. I can see the headline now “Ray the Vicktory dogs parents expose PETA and shut them down. Bosco, Bubba G & Turtle are Proud” ❤

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  9. Bully breeds are 100% sweethearts unless trained to be otherwise. Ban Michael Vick. Leave us there beautiful sweet dogs. Peta is a coward. It is the oeners not the dogs!


  10. Sing it out sister. PETA is a cruel and dangerous radical group who enjoys picking on innocent animals and people. I totally agree with you on this matter.


  11. Thank you for putting into words the thoughts of a great many people. I stopped donating to PETA many years ago because of what they stand for,it certainly isn’t the animals. Here’s hoping someday soon PETA disappears.


  12. Love you and ALL The Victory Dogs!
    I honestly don’t know the answer to this, but has anyone tried to involve the Prime Minister of Canada involved? Seems like something can be done country-wide. Maybe?


    1. Since it is a municipal law, the Prime Minister doesn’t really have any say. However the SPCA in Quebec is suing the city on thw basis that the law is illegal because it is worded in such a way that any dog, regardless of the breed, can be added to the list and the owner forced to euthanize or pay hefty fines if the dog so much as barks while in it’s own yard.


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