Montreal’s Mayor Hates Dogs (and Cats)

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Yesterday the Montreal City Council voted almost 2 to 1 to adopt an extremely harsh animal by-law.  One that punishes all dogs and owners, but most especially blocky headed pit bull terrier type dogs.  Or ones that look like them.  Or ones that might have any dna of one.

The by-law is incredibly restrictive, and in some cases cruel beyond belief.  Most people are concentrating on what it does to pitties…but it effects every single dog owner in the city.  Let’s take a look at some of the information I uncovered in my research:

The portion aimed at pit bull terrier like dogs encompasses these type of dogs:

  • American Staffordshire Terriers
  • Staffordshire Terriers
  • American Pit Bull Terriers
  • Any mixed breed dog which has any degree of these breeds in his make-up
  • Any dog who presents with characteristics of these breeds, regardless of actual breed (if your dog has short hair, or a muscular frame, or a blocky head….)
  • And here’s the scary part:  the council has the right to add any breed of dog they choose to this list, at any time, with no additional hearings required. 
  • All dogs on this list in city shelters must be euthanized if they are on-site after October 3rd.


If your companion falls into any of the above categories, you will need to obtain a special permit.  What does that entail?  A lot:

  • Your dog must be muzzled twenty-four hours a day until you obtain a special permit.  There is no telling how long it will take to get said permit, as every pit bull terrier like dog needs to have one.  That means thousands of people trying to obtain permits as quickly as possible, so their dog doesn’t have to suffer. If you do not muzzle your dog at all times, he can be seized and euthanized on the spot.  No appeal available.
  • You must be at least 18 years
  • You must present a document which shows you have no criminal history…at all.  So if you ever did something silly or stupid in your youth, you may have just lost your dog.
  • You must provide proof your dog has been fixed and vaccinated.
  • You must pay a $150 fee
  • You must prove you were living in Montreal on October 3rd, and the dog lived with you at that time.

OK…you finally get your permit to keep your beloved companion, everything should be fine now, right?  Wrong.

  • Your dog must be muzzled at all times when outside of your house, even in your yard.
  • Your dog must be on a 3 foot leash at all times, even in your yard, unless your fence is at least 6 foot high
  • Your dog must be supervised by an adult at all times.  Don’t plan on going to the bathroom without him, unless another adult is present.
  • Your dog must wear a special medallion on his collar at all times.
  • Your dog must wear a harness at all times.
  • If you fail to do ANY of the above, your dog will be seized and euthanized.  No appeal process available.
  • If your dog somehow gets loose, and is picked up by Animal Control, even if you a permit, even if he has met all the requirements, he will be euthanized.
  • City animal control officers and police have the right to enter your home/yard at any time to ensure you are in compliance…without a warrant.


By-Law portion pertaining to all dogs

The by-law also provides for something called “at-risk” dogs.  An “at risk” dog is any dog who bites, has tried to bite or exhibits behavior which could be considered compromising to any other human or animal.  If you have a dog reactive dog…he’s going to be considered at risk. Your dog will be required to wear a muzzle in public forever and will be banned from dog parks and other areas for off-leash dogs.

Then there is the “dangerous dog” designation.  This would be any dog who kills a person or (get this one) an animal…of any type….including rodents, vermin and toads.   A dog can also be declared “dangerous” by any competent authority who believes their behavior is dangerous. Any dog declared dangerous will be immediately euthanized.  Immediately.  With no chance of appeal.

Here are some other lovely portions of the law that effect every single dog owner:

  • The law limits household pets to 2 dogs and a total of 4 animals all together.
  • If you have three dogs, you can apply for a special permit, which you may or may not receive.
  • You may only walk 2 dogs in public at a time.  If you have three dogs with you, you need to have the special permit on your person.
  • The leash you use can be no longer than 5 ft long.
  • All dogs must be spayed/neutered and microchipped
  • You may not take more than 2 dogs to the dog park
  • If your dog weighs more than 44 pounds he must wear a harness.

I understand requiring responsible ownership from people who choose to have animal companions.  But this law makes it very difficult for people to have dogs in their lives at all.


And they didn’t forget cats.  Cats are not allowed outdoors at any time, or they will be euthanized.  You say you’re a responsible owner, and your cat stays inside?  Well, what if she accidentally escapes?  And I can only assume this law means that all community cats (ferals) will be rounded up and killed.  Horrifying.


Right now there is a massive move to get all the pit bull terrier like dogs out of Montreal shelters and moved to safety, before next Monday.  I know we all want to help, but beware of con artists who will take this opportunity to steal from well-meaning folks.  Let the Montreal SPCA take the lead.  They will tell us what needs to be done.  In the meantime though, you can certainly apply to adopt a dog:

The only conclusion I can come to is that the Mayor of Montreal hates animals.

UPDATE:  The Montreal SPCA has launched a lawsuit against the city of Montreal, claiming the new ordinances are discriminatory and illegal based on Quebec law.

Stay tuned for further updates. #boycottMontreal


57 thoughts on “Montreal’s Mayor Hates Dogs (and Cats)

  1. How horrible this is. How about the mayor wearing a mussle 24/7?????? How would you like it Mayor??? How would you get a drink of water or bit to eat? How are you going to clean yourself after going to bathroom? I think the mayor needs to be removed from Montreal.


  2. When your dog is muzzled 24/7 (before licence) how will you feed it? If someone enters your premises without a warrant while he is eating dinner does that mean instant euthanasia!
    The world’s gone mad …………….!!!!


    1. What are we in a world of communism. The mayor or any form of government tells people what they can and can’t not do or have . What gives this mayor the right . Get rid of the GD mayor next election don’t vote for the ass hole. If he doesn’t like animals he has no right in putting a law like that. He should worry more about the crime in Montreal. I will definitely won’t be visiting your city


  3. In other words he’s a pathetic dumbass chicken shit. You don’t punish everyone for one persons stupidity. If any person breaks the law then go after him or her. Make the fines and jail time stiffer for a three struck your in federal prison and not allowed to even be around an animal. Make the laws for the idiots NOT the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.


  4. Reblogged this on Mush, Baby and commented:
    All 3 of the Mush Puppies could easily fall under the “pit bull type” based on their appearances. Thank god my city is too sane to require me to pay $450 in fees, muzzle them whenever they’re out of my yard, and keep them on a THREE foot leash – which would make mushing impossible. Come on, Montreal, get your shit together.


  5. Just a little note, the pit bulls won’t be allowed off-leash in a dog park unless the dog park has a 2 meter fence, and to my knowledge not a single dog park in Montreal fits this criteria… The more I look at this law (no offleash opportunities, 24/7 muzzling) and the more I think it will actually create more dog bites… Understimulated, underexercised dogs can become frustrated, reactive and in rare cases straight up aggressive. Depriving them of things essential to their mental and physical well being can harm even the most well-adjusted dogs.
    What infuriates me is that the law as voted in 37 to 21. 37 people decided of the fate of a city that represents half of the province’s entire population. WTF.

    Luckily the SPCA as well as some other individuals are suing. A lawyer said about a month ago when looking at the law that it was indeed un-enforceable and goes against the charter of rights and freedom (ie unconstitutional and discriminatory), specifically the aspect refusing a license to any kind of criminal record.

    Furthermore the language of the law in describing a pit-bull type is so vague that it can basically apply to most molossoids and could even apply to a boston terrier.

    People have been calling the 311 (city info) to ask questions and they’ve been getting conflicting answers, which shows the city a) has no idea how they are going to enforce this and b) are themselves confused about the criteria. For example a Bull Terrier owner called to ask if the bylaw applied to her dog – one representative told her that if she had CKC registration papers and a note from the vet, that the law didn’t apply to her dog, but she had to carry the proof at all times. (Which is absurd… I myself am the owner of a purebred dog, and I had her pedigree/proof of registration laminated I can’t carry that sh*t in my purse). The second representative told her that yes, the law applied and the dog needed to be muzzled. Oh and the city had like 2 animal control inspectors and added 3 more. For a city of 3 million people. Good luck with that.

    Oh and PeTA approved the ban, that’s all you need to know about this, really.


  6. My, oh my! ….. And we live in a ‘democracy’!? This is very upsetting! Can just imagine the slaughter of innocent animals, both dogs and cats. This man is way out of line and so is the council. They paid absolutely no heed to the professional advice of many qualified animal experts. These people need to be voted out of office, as soon as possible. 😦


  7. How about muzzling this mayor for starters! Perhaps he might face reality. But then again, he and his cronies sound unreasonable and don’t relate to the fact for many of us, animals become the bonds that often link that missing compassion and love often times missing from relationships of many kinds. Still, #muzzlemayornotpets

    Liked by 1 person

  8. We can’ rant forever about this injustice….. Fact is it is easier to hurt up standing citizens and their pets than it is to go after animal abusers, owners of dog fighting rings, and set greater penalties for all these scumbags.. The majority of these gentle creatures should be protected not feared! Education is what is needed but, some people just don’t want to listen.. Another disappointed in the so called human race. I love all our animals and this is just heart breaking!


  9. Does anyone know what happened to bring this on? I was hoping the article would explanation that but t he author didn’t seem to think it important. I’m just curious. I can’t believe this happened in a vacuum.


      1. She was torn to shreds in her own yard, by the neighbor’s pit bull. The well meaning owner was having problems with the dog who had bitten two other people. This dog played with her body after he killed her, as if it was a giant chew toy. Then a young boy was attacked by a loose pit bull when the boy ran into the street to get his ball. In my town the father of the owner of a pit bull killed him while he was out watering the yard, and they had raised the dog from a puppy, in their home. Obviously most pit bulls are good dogs, but the very bad ones who kill are giving them all a bad name.


  10. Might as well kill all the bears, wolves, and cougars too, they kill other animals and attack people. Punishing animals because of irresponsible/stupid pet owners.


  11. And don’t forget those folks with dog walking businesses, they would be limitied to walking two at a time! How will that impact their livelihoods? This is draconian to all involved with pets. So very wrong all the ways it’s possible to look at it.


      1. What kind of license? We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Petsitting is a legitimate business. It’s taken me the last 9 years, but I have finally convinced my own family that this is an actual job that pays actual money.


        1. They actually specify a dog walkers license. I understand the pet sitting licensing and I’m well aware pet sitting is a “real” job, (I have nine dogs we’re no strangers to pet sitters) but I have never heard of this dog walking license thing. I have NEVER met a licensed dog walker, and I know quite a few dog walkers.


      2. I live in Saskatoon and walk and sit dogs. My family fosters many sweet dogs of some of sort American Bulldog mix. The sweetest dog I ever had was a staffy- bull terrier mix. The most dangerous, my cute little snappy Bichon. The worst bite from a beagle. So there you have it. My only conclusion is to agree that the Mayor of Montreal is meaner than the dogs he is vilifying.
        There is no licensing for either pet sitting or walking here.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve never heard of being licensed to walk dogs. I’m with you that small dogs are quicker to bite. In my 25 of rescue work I’ve never been bitten by a pit bull type dog, but I’ve been bitten by many small breed dogs.


        2. The issue isn’t biting, the issue is killing and maiming. You know this. Obviously most pit bulls are good dogs, but some snap and end up killing people or seriously wounding them. I don’t know of any beagles who have killed people. Do you?


          1. 2001 a beagle was part of a pack of several dogs who killed a 2 year old neighbor boy. All dogs have the ability to kill. There have been deaths by Boston Terrier, Pomeranians, and dachshunds.


  12. I am originally from Scotland, but have lived in the USA for 42 years. My dogs (all different breeds) are my family, more loyal than my only child is. To pull a crappy law like what Montreal has is proof, you have a MORE THAN BUDDING HITLER. When are you mayoral elections? Get people in that office that likes & loves all animals.. Get a Damn GOOD LAWYER & join this law suit….. Get up a gofundme account, to help defray legal expenses. I bet there are more than one pet owner who would take an interest in this mess. Take out full page adds in the papers, call the news stations, have PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS, again invite the media. For. Safety sake leave your pets at home……Fellow Pittowner…s

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What does Hitler have to do with this??This is one thing Hitler never would do because he was a big animal lover and he was against animal cruelty.


  13. Another point is that all owners with a banned dog must have 2 meter high fences. The majority of people here don’t have 2 meter high fences. The majority of people here share fences with neighbors (we share with 3). What if those neighbors refuse to have their fences changed? What then? This is law is beyond discriminatory, however Mayor Coderre sees it as a fair and balanced bylaw. It is maddening to say the least.

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  14. Again fear over truth. If there is a problem with a dog look at itd owner not the dog as the dog get,s behavour from its owner . So look to fine or jail the owner for the dogs misdeeds . Banning or putting a dog to sleep has never changed or curbed dog bites . Dogs offten bite out off fear humans kill for fun and know what they are doing . So dont blame the dog for having a bad owner.

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  15. This man is a petty tyrant. These laws are aimed at dogs on the surface but underneath they are aimed at his citizenry. They are calculated to instill fear and compliance. This is a school yard bully grown up and not changed at all. It’s pure tyranny.

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  16. How the warrantless entry doesnt bother non pit bull people is beyond me. Every citizen should be concerned about that part of the bylaw. I dont know how it works in Canada but here in the US it would seem that would be unconstitutional and a violation of either the 4th or 14th Amendment but Im not a lawyer or expert on the Amendments so Im probably way of base there.

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    1. Here in the US that would be 100% a violation of the fourth amendment and of several others along with it. Last year two state representatives in Mississippi tried to pass this exact same law and fortunately it didn’t even make it to a vote. The citizens of Montreal had better pay attention because I promise you if they accept this it will continue to get worse and worse until they are under complete tyranny. Men like this mayor are nasty little schoolyard bullies who have grown up and not changed a bit.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. The law is different up here in Canada. You have a constitution, we have a charter of rights – which politicians seem bound and declared to stomp on.


    3. I hit Send too early. Warrantless entry is a concern because a City of Montreal “competent authority”:

      – who is NOT a veterinarian
      – NOT a police officer
      – may be an employee of a for-profit high-kill pound with a contract with two boroughs for animal control

      can DEMAND entry, you supposedly cannot refuse entry, and the “competent authority” can order the killing of ANY animal. Dog, cat, bird, sugar glider, hedgehog, you name it. People will be terrorized in their own homes.

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    4. Don’t kid yourself. Such a law could easily come to America, especially some localities. Much of America knows little of the Constitution and loathe what little they do know.

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  17. Why can cats kill birds ,rabbits, mice ,squirrels ,and other animals and bite and scratch humans and is no big deal? My pits are the greatest lovers and judge bad people right off but never attack them just stay by my side The mayor could be a drug user and that affects the brain big time Drug test all government with hair tests


        1. Wow ! It’s “incredibly sad” and effects so many heartloving, caring owners and especially all the animals involved too ! It’s surreal the extreme negative reaction here ! Just because “one or two apples “are bad” in a basket – does not mean you throw away all the good apples too” !

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