I have made no secret of the fact that I have no love or respect for Cesar Millan.  I know he is crazy popular with the general public, and I can only assume that is because of his showmanship…because it certainly isn’t due to his knowledge of behavior, training or even canine body language.

I have never said his methods don’t work…they can. And for a confident happy dog, there is probably no lasting damage. But in a shy dog or an assertive dog his methods can be and have been disastrous . how much pain and fear is ok when training your dog?..That’s the bottom line.

Millan’s fans are numerous and are massing to protect the man they think actually helps the dogs they see him work with on television.  They do not understand that the show is edited for content…they don’t see the harsh training methods that go on behind the scenes:  the choking, hanging, and physical contact.

Every single person that appears on Millan’s show has to sign an agreement to never, ever discuss what happened during the “training” sessions or after.  So viewers aren’t aware of the abuse, the number of dogs whose behavior became worse, the dogs who developed aggression, the dogs who developed learned helplessness, or the dogs who had to be euthanized.

There is not a behaviorist in the world that supports this man’s training policies. The relationship trainers I know are appalled by everything he does to dogs.  Yes, there are things he espouses that are excellent suggestions (exercise your dog people)…..but his other methods are junk science.

Last week I watched the video of Millan taking an aggressive dog into an enclosure with pigs.    I believe the title of the episode was “The Little Pig Killer”.  The dog had previously killed two pigs, and Millan was supposedly going to “build a new memory” so the dog would no longer be dangerous to other animals.

While on leash the dog appeared calm and was less than interested in the pigs.  So in his hubris, Millan removed the dog’s leash.  One of his assistants grabbed the pig’s back leg, causing the pig to squeal, which galvanized the dog to attack.  It was a frenzied and bloody event, leaving the pig with a tattered, bloody ear.  Millan grabbed the dog, and forced him down….trying to show how much control he had over the situation.  He lets go of the dog, stands upright, and takes a step away from him  A nano-second later the dog is in attack mode again, chasing and worrying the pigs, as they squeal and try to get away, all the time Millan is yelling “I’ve got it” and diving for the dog.

Here’s the deal…the first time the dog attacked was pure stupidity on Millan’s part, and could be chalked up as an accident.  But by allowing the dog to remain leash free and unmuzzled, the second attack is entirely Millan’s fault and is nothing less than animal abuse.

I don’t want to hear any BS about the fact that people eat pigs.  That isn’t the point and it is just trying to deflect the blame that rests squarely on Millan’s shoulders.  What if the dog had previously killed puppies, and that’s what Millan turned him loose among?  Or children?  The fact is the pigs were put in harm’s way, for no good reason.  You cannot magically fix aggression or prey drive in a dog in a ten minute “memory building” session.  Prey drive is a complex behavior that takes a great deal of training to modify and manage.

Millan is currently under investigation for animal abuse.  And he should be.






36 thoughts on “Finally…..

  1. I never have liked that man. Dogs learn from love, consistent handling. I hope the authorities hang him, beat him into submission and let a couple of aggressive dogs and owners at him for awhile.


  2. Thank you to all that stood up for Cesar! Love his show and love him! Most of you are going on hear say I would venture to say 99.9% weren’t there and don’t really knows what happens behind the scenes.

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  3. I’m not a fan of the1940s ‘alpha dog’ concept or Mr. Millan. If a trainer is supporting bullying, terrifying, brutalizing, dominating and fear, I have no tolerance or respect for them. Wake up! It’s 2016 and we have learned the falsity of these tactics & the foundation in which they were formed.
    Thank you VictoryMom for this post!
    CEO Olivia


  4. That was enlightening. We all tend to forget that what we see on television is not all there is to any story. Those wanting the truth are at the mercy of editing. Truth, though, does have a way of finding its way into the open – it sometimes just takes a long time.


  5. I have never liked him and i am so glad this if finally happening! He took that dog into a pen of pigs when he knew that the dog had killed pigs before he had to have known what was going to happen when he let that dog off the leash! To me he caused unnecessary pain and suffering for the pig but also the dog! No ethical trainer would have put those animals through that!


  6. Oh dear Lord..
    I have been watching his shows, trying to learn from him. I never really liked him, but I thought that he had such a way with dogs, I needed to learn from him. I had no idea what went on behind the scenes. Thank you so much for pointing this out. I will not support him again.


          1. Please balance it too that in the next episode he shoes the pig well and healthy and the dog together not being aggressive with the pig – please show the full truth not just half of the truth. I do agree in the part he was careless for not using a muzzle but he has saved more red code dogs – and I am sorry but it is trut too that if you are going to cry for this pig that really at the was fine and did not end in a grocery store as bacon – and if you have a degree on animal behavior – my suggestion to all this negativity – why people uses the horrible and half true to get notice – why not better suggest positive something more less induration because this guy has helped red code dogs that a lot of behavioral certified people would have sent for euthanized – I prefer Cesar millan methods and save my dog from euthanized – if you have a dog and you really know what is to love a dog – like really is to love even a human you will do whatever it takes to sAve a life – and how many dogs have you saved? Do you know how many pugs are destroyed and abused for your bacon? Do you work with dogs enough to understand how they interact with human? Do you have a pet? Do you know what love is? What would you do for a live one? Are you the kind of person who will cross the sea to save a love one? I think if you do yourself those questions then you will understand more why some ppl agree and support cm and at the end the world is full of different opinions that is the beauty of the world diversity the ugliest part is the negativity and the half true … I do invite you to see the next part of this where the dog and pig were fine and together…


        1. Not true. Whole video was released from the network for investigation. Funny how you guys have found him guilty DURRING the investigation. NatGeo backing Cesar. Thanks for ignoring the incredible work he has done saving the lives of so many dog, including his effort to change the perception of the Pit Bull breed. You bash Cesar you hurt the dogs. We true animal lovers so appreciate that.


          1. Cesar vindicated. Investigation unwarranted. No charges. Bogus and you were on the wrong side. Huge outpouring of support for Cesar due to the incredible amount of help he has given to dogs as well as people. Case closed victorymom.


  7. I learned very quickly that any trainer, daycare/boarding facility, or vet that brings up his methods as useful are useless to me. I don’t even debate his methods, I turn around and walk right out the door!

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  8. Amen. I’ve never understood his appeal; I am downright horrified by his methods and am aways disappointed when someone I know sings his praises. I left a trainer who based her classes on his “techniques.” Two years later we are still working to overcome the two classes our border collie took with this woman.


  9. Thank you for your post. Finally, I can see where I have been misled by the show and propaganda. I have tried to keep an open mind through all this hoopla, and make sure I was comfortable with my opinion.
    I can’t defend him any longer. Although I believe he has done some good, and certainly people became more familiar and comfortable with pit bulls because of him, it’s not enough. The bad that he does simply is too bad for me to overlook or defend. Thanks again.


    1. I was once a fan. I watched all of his shows. It wasn’t until I became aware of what happened to many of the dogs after the camera stopped rolling that it started to sink in that what I was seeing was abuse…..


      1. What proof do you have of what happenes after the cameras stopped rolling were you there? Could you please back up what you are saying with some proof. One more thing, how many dogs have you rescued and reabilitized?

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          1. I read it. Thank you. Im not exactly moved by it though. It starts off with a fundamental flaw. Cesar is not a trainer. He is a Behaviorist that performs behavioral modification. Positive only trainer cannot help the dogs he works with and would recommend they be put down rather than admit they are not qualified. I have yet to see ANY videos working with these types of behaviors with positive only methods. That article attacks Cesar’s methods but conveniently leave out an alternative. Please, SHOW me I’m wrong. I’m tired of reading articles. Cesar has endless videos of helping dogs, including the Pit Bull breed. Until then, I support him for using his platform to advocate against BSL and I’ve never heard him attack any other ‘Trainer.”


          2. He is not a behaviorist…he has no formal training. A behaviorist has an advanced degree. Calling him one is no different than calling an herbalist a doctor. And as far as dogs being trained with only positive reinforcement, I have trained numerous dogs from dog fighting busts, and currently share my home with two former fighting dogs…..who play with each other daily. These dogs were slowly worked with over time, using P+ training methods…not quick fix methods that cause learned helplessness or increased aggression. There is a reason that all participants in the show have to sign non-disclosure contracts, and a reason that few of the tough cases ever have a follow up show. Think about it… And there is a reason so many of the dogs that appeared on his show end up in rescue.


          3. Exactly my point. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a “Certified” trainer. The government doesn’t regulate dog training. They pay organizations good money to take their courses and in no time they walk away with a certificate saying they are now Certified Dog Trainers. With zero experience. Cesar is obviously experienced which, in my opinion, trumps a piece of paper. Good for you for your help with the former fighting dogs. And thank you for having a healthy discussion with me. Not a bash fest that hurts the dogs. In the end, Cesar is, in his mind, is helping the dogs. So I understand ppl not liking his techniques but the personal bashing is, for all intent and purposes, abuse itself which cannot be tolerated in any form. And I noticed you didn’t do that. You must be a awesome person. Thank you.


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