Dear Judge in Chatham, Ontario


My name is Jacque Johnson.  You don’t know me, but I have a vested interest in the outcome of one of your rulings today.  You see, I was fortunate enough to spend time with the most amazing dog I’ve ever known.  He was named Ray by one of the people who was evaluating him after he was rescued.  Tim said he named him after Sugar Ray Leonard, because he was a scrappy little fighter. Ray, RayRay, Raynman, Ray the Vicktory Dog.  By any name he was a dog who was made to love people.

Ray was rescued from a notorious dog fighting operation.  He was damaged by his time of abuse, mostly emotionally, but also physically enough that the results ultimately took his life.  But under the PTSD of being forced to live a horrific life on the end of a chain, was the shining soul of an incredible dog.  A dog who became my heart dog.

I know in my heart that among the dogs you are ruling  on today is another Ray.  Or another Turtle, our other dog rescued from dog fighting.  A dog who was forced to fight.  Who is covered in scars.  Who is under-socialized and frightened. But who wants nothing more than a couch and a home and a family.

Dear Judge.  Please…I’m not saying all of these dogs might be safe or should be saved.  What I am saying is they deserve individual evaluations by people who know game bred dogs. Please do the right thing……


13 thoughts on “Dear Judge in Chatham, Ontario

  1. Please Judge, be a champion for the voiceless, innocent victims who are forced into a situation not of their choosing. Punish those who put them in the ring, they are the monsters.



  2. Dear Judge Please give these dogs a chance at real love,these dogs did not ask for the life they were given,raised to fight,,they were taught by inhuman very mean people.What about you treat these people the same way as they did these poor dogs,you wouldn’t destroy a human for being abused,weather it be a woman,a man or a child you would give them a chance to live,,these poor little guys deserve a chance at being loved.Please give them that much,I say destroy those who destroyed them.Have a heart


  3. If this were a human would you not weigh the situation, well these dog’s have feeling’s believe it or not, so have some feeling’s for them and do not let them down, they deserve a second chance, the same as these ruthless people who put them thru this


  4. To many rescuers want these dogs. They are although broken. Broken can be fixed by the people who do this best the rescues that have worked hard at it. Please judge if you read this everyone deserves a second chance in life even a dog!!!!!


    1. Very well said and so true!!! Each and every one of those lost souls deserves a fair chance at life “chance” that’s all we are asking for


  5. Please judge these pups as individuals the same as you would any person that has been abused as it was humans that abused these babies.


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