Children and Dogs

This week Bubba and I met lots of young children, who had been taught how to approach a dog safely….it was wonderful.

Ray the Vicktory Dog


First off, I need to state unequivocally that Ray is amazing with children.  In fact, last summer the Children’s Camp counselor at the sanctuary would often use Ray to teach children how to safely approach a dog.  He seems to realize that small beings are going to be less predictable than adults, and he modifies his responses accordingly.

But just because he has always been good with children doesn’t mean that he is “bullet-proof”.  No dog is. Seriously.  The best dog in the world can snap if they are pushed to the wall.  It is our job as caregivers, parents and grandparents to make sure that dog/child interactions are pleasant and safe for everyone concerned.

When we were traveling last month, I took Ray to dinner with my brother, his fiance, and their almost 5 year old son Liam.  Ray and Liam seemed to take to each other right off…

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2 thoughts on “Children and Dogs

  1. I returned and read the original post, and must state my 100% agreement with it. Not only is it so important to be able to supervise our dogs interaction with children, but equally important to learn those signs of stress and discomfort exhibited by your dog. Only then are you able to adequately intervene if and when necessary, and this applies to their interactions with adults, too! Many adults also do not realize most dogs don’t really like hugging, can be unpredictable in enclosed areas where they feel trapped, and that even the most friendly well behaved dog can bite if his warnings are not heeded.
    I am so grateful for people like you, vicktorymom, who ceaselessly continue to inform others about pit bull type dogs and how they are much like any other breed, if treated/trained appropriately.
    Thank you.


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