No More Anger


I sat down and wrote another really angry post a bit ago……but while I was proof-reading it, I was struck by how frustrated and unhappy I was feeling.  I had to take a deep breath, and remind myself that those groups have no real power over me, my family, my life or my happiness.  I have the great good fortune to work with an organization who has people who can effective fight against those idiots.  That the tide in the country is turning, and far more communities are repealing breed discrimination laws than are passing it.  I cannot allow some marginalized idiots to color my world with their brand of hate and fanatasim.


Instead, I am going to concentrate on how great Bubs looked in his new Bubba Gump t-shirt today.  And I’m going to smile down at Turtle while she sits patiently waiting for me to accidentally drop part of my dinner on the floor.


I’m going to continue to work with my dogs, to make sure that others can see they are well-trained companions, and not killer beasts.


I will share pictures of dogs who need someone to offer them a home and happiness.

I will donate to those rescues that I can.

I will proudly wear my assorted pit bull terrier type dog rescue shirts.

11846794_10207135662131184_7378170176646892357_n 11222165_10207166561023637_4657098196921741003_o

I will ask all my family and friends to watch the movie The Champions when it becomes readily available.


I will continue my bizarre new hobby of making dog snoods for everyone I know.

12036371_10207561351413150_8142827848946363556_n 12112086_10207599595329224_8926130495531730065_n 12112463_10207561354893237_6603669255192299764_n

I will hold and snuggle my companions.  I will play ball, and tug and go on long rambling walks.


Hear that PETA and DBO?  You have no power over my life or my happiness.


13 thoughts on “No More Anger

  1. I don’t know how anyone could look at these sweet beautiful faces and want to harm them? It is not the dogs fault that it has been bred and trained to fight. PETA should focused more attention on eradicateing dog figting and fighting for thougher penaties for those convicted instead of blaming the inocent dogs. As the Vicktory dogs have show us all even the most abused and damaged can be rehabilitated and become wonderful loving pets and therapy dogs when placed in the right hands. Can we petition to have the word ethical removed from their title as I see nothing ethical in what they preach.

    PS I love the snoods! I so wish I could knit…..


  2. First of all, your dogs are so stinkin cute!!!!! I love them.
    I the article on Peta and was horrified, then I read this. You are so right. We will keep doing good for these dogs because those horrible people and groups have no control over us.
    And lastly, I knot and crochet but need patterns. How do I make this snods??? I need one!!!!


    1. LOL…I tried several dozen patterns before I figured this out. Cast on stitches for the size you want, making sure it’s divisible by 4. For regular size yarn I use size 5 needles. A regular pittie size head like Turtle’s takes about 72 stitches. Then it’s a simple knit two, purl two stitch until it’s the length you want. I’ve found 40 rows is about right. Then just stitch it into a tube. Simple and effective. I’m sure you could make it fancier, but this works for us.


  3. I certainly understand your anger and frustration with the idiotic people who can’t seem to learn that it isn’t true that just because a dog was forced to be a fighting dog they’re permanently damaged. I’ve had only mixed breed dogs over the years, the pits were the absolute best. They were smart, loving, loyal, surprisingly helpful (Sunny would bring the three dishes from the three little tables and give them to me, he came up with that all on his own and did it till just a few months before he died) and made the routine easy and fun. I’d adopt another pit in a heartbeat and once my personal situation is resolved I’ll probably do just that. Keep loving your pups, they’re gorgeous.


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