Hatred and Misinformation….


Originally I wasn’t going to share this post…..but after re-reading it, I think I made some important points.  That said, I am not obsessing about this partnership.  I have moved on, and am just concentrating on the positive things in my life.  But some of the following really needed saying. 

Was I angry?  Your damn right I was.  Why was I obsessing about the PETA/DBO partnership?  Because both of those groups mean harm to my family members.  To dogs I love as dearly as any human.  Heck, I care more for the dogs than I do about any human outside of my family.  Because they ARE my family.

Ray the Vicktory Dog was a gentle soul who meant harm to no one.  He was a goofy, loving little brown dog who took an absolute joy in life.  When he was rescued from Bad Newz kennels the country rallied behind him and his fellow survivors.  Everyone was concerned about what was going to happen to the dogs.  Best Friends, Bad Rap and the ASPCA worked together to assess and care for the dogs.  Other humane groups were not so concerned about their well-being.  PETA took it even further.  When no one would listen to their demands to kill the dogs, all the dogs, right now….they actually spent donation money to sue the court to try to force their execution.  Thank goodness they lost their battle.

Here’s a link to the nice sanitized blog post PETA put up to try and convince people these dogs were better off dead: http://www.peta.org/blog/one-fight-vicks-dogs/

Then there is this statement that Ingrid Newkirk gave to the press:

Ingrid Newkirk, the founder and chief executive of PETA: “These are celebrity dogs,” she said this week in a telephone interview. “That isn’t a good use of money, it isn’t the best uses of time. The Vick dogs are the least likely candidates for success. It’s just a much more exciting story that comes with money attached to it.”

This woman wanted to kill my dog.  That is the bottom line.

So what about the lovely groups that PETA is now in bed with?  They don’t want to just kill one of my dogs…they want them ALL dead.  Not only that, but they spread lies and slander about those of us who choose to rescue these dogs.  Apparently I am a criminal and a thug….not an almost 60 year old professional.

Lawmakers have to stop listening to the nonsense about breed specific laws which is spouted by the owners of bully dogs like pit bulls. Since 2006 there have been 3 psychological studies which focused on the personality and behavioral traits of the owners of pit bulls and other high-risk breeds of dog. A study published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence showed a link between ownership of high-risk dog breeds and deviant behaviors, crimes against children and domestic violence. Another study concluded that “vicious dog ownership may be a simple marker of broader social deviance.” A third study established that the owners of high-risk breeds of dog displayed more antisocial thinking styles, have an arrest history significantly higher than owners of other dogs, and engage in fighting to a significantly greater degree than other dog owners. They also had higher levels of overall criminal thinking patterns to go with the actual criminal behavior. These people, who are fixated on the animals that kill, maim and terrorize, are not the people that a lawmaker needs in his camp. 

If you follow the pit hater pages at all you will often find comments like this:

Finally, someone who knows. Just do like me people. Carry your gun and use it. And if the owner looks like he wants some, give him some too. That’s the way to send the proper message to them crotch holdin’ thugs. Don’t be afraid to use your gun. They are wielding a deadly, commandable weapon and trying to use it for terrorism. And don’t forget that last sentence when you get your lawyer to the courtroom. If thugs are going to be allowed to walk around wielding deadly, commandable weapons, then you, as an American, should have the right to defend yourself with deadly force. Court adjourned.

DBO even has their infamous “Maul Talk Manual”…where they make all sorts of illogical clams about pit bulls and their supporters.  It is difficult to even follow the logic they use.  It makes my head hurt to try and decipher what it is they are saying.


Why was I angry? Because these people are a threat to my family.  They will stop at nothing to get their agenda realized.  They advocate for their followers to adopt shelter dogs than take them to be euthanized.  They stalk pit bull advocates, accusing them of horrible act, call their employers, and slander them publicly.  They post horrific comments on positive pit bull stories.  Don’t believe me?  Go look at the comments under the story Arin Greenwood wrote when Ray died: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arin-greenwood/how-a-pit-bull-can-change-the-world-the-incredible-legacy-of-ray-the-vicktory-dog_b_7353974.html

Or here are some lovely comments in regards to my earlier post:  https://m.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/240277562791489?view=permalink&id=576523262500249

I am tired of this idiocy which puts my family at risk.  It’s time to stand up and say “no” to the ignorance.  No PETA/DBO, you cannot kill my dogs.


8 thoughts on “Hatred and Misinformation….

  1. I am 50 years old. Never been arrested, never been in jail for anything, Do not do drugs, Do not drink, I am a Christian and have been for years now. I have been around pits most of my life. I have raised several litters. I have two now. One is a rescue. She was badly abused and mistreated by idiots. She was used as a bait dog. Her face has scars from the experience and they even filed her teeth down so she couldn’t hurt their “good” dogs. She is the sweetest, gentlest, most loving dog ever!! In spite of her past. These so called studies are bogus!! These dogs are the best friends a person can have. I would much rather be around my fur babies than most people I know. I also have a jack russell, a boston terrior, and a curr/redbone mix. They all get along great. There are no problems. I had a maltese in this mix till he died last winter.


  2. > do like me people. Carry your gun and use it. And if the owner looks like he wants some, give him some too. That’s the way to send the proper message to them crotch holdin’ thugs. Don’t be afraid to use your gun.>

    America Scares me!!! The thought of allowing nut cases and loonies like this bloke to carry guns is appalling. And people are worrying about DOGS!


  3. I, like you, am an older woman who has had the privilege of sharing my life with bully breeds for the last 40 years. I have other breeds too, and lots of cats. I’ve NEVER had a bite issue, a social problem, or had to keep my dogs locked and chained away from society. They have always travelled with me, been well behaved, kind citizens. This bigoted, breed-hating mentality makes me heartsick. What can I do to stop this other than continue to support my choice of dog breed. Let me know if there is something else I can do?


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