Respecting Your Companions


For the past week Facebook has been inundated with a video of a young boy interacting with a bull terrier in a way that can only be described as abusive.  I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds.  I wanted with all my heart to slap whatever adult was actually filming the assault.  The dog was putting up with behavior no dog should be forced to endure.  But how long before he has had enough?  How long before he finally is scared and/or hurt enough to snap at the boy, in an attempt to get him to go away?  And what do you think is going to happen then?  That poor dog, who was being treated with gross disrespect, in front of adults who should be protecting him, will probably be euthanized.  That dog doesn’t have a chance in hell of having the life our companions deserve.

This morning I went to a placement ceremony for my 5 year old grandson’s kitten.  Mr Kitty had an embolism, that severely damaged a lung.  In 3 days he had 4 major surgeries, trying to save his life.  In the end, the situation became too much for him, and he was humanely euthanized.

Mr. Kitty only lived with Foster for 3 weeks.  Three weeks.  And my amazing boy knew in his heart that his little friend deserved a placement ceremony.  He asked that Mr. Kitty be buried at Angel’s Overlook, where so many of our furry/feathered family members are placed.  During the ceremony he broke my heart when he said “Mr. Kitty was just a baby.  Babies aren’t supposed to die.  They are supposed to grow up, have fun, get old and then die.  This wasn’t right”.  At the end of the service Foster gently placed a container of Mr. Kitty’s toys on his marker.

The difference between these two boys is glaring.  One treats his “pet” as if he were a toy to be manhandled at will.  The other gently and lovingly showed his companion (not pet) the care and respect every living creature deserves.

Granted, Foster has spent his whole life around people who work at an animal sanctuary.  In his world, everyone treats other species with respect.  His mother is vegan.  He has been raised that animals are not food.  So he has a head start on compassion and caring.  From the time he was tiny he has been taught to be gentle and respectful.  But that’s not a video you are going to see on Facebook.  And that is really too bad.

This morning one young boy honored the life of a little kitten.  And several adults joined him to support him and show respect to the relationship.  That’s why I live here.  That’s why I work here.  Little lives matter just as much as big ones do.


6 thoughts on “Respecting Your Companions

  1. For anyone to think that this case was a slander to Vick or intent to harm him or his career is an idiot!! They must be a thug dog fighter breeder themselves! What I will say about this case is that these dogs were luckier than most. Many dogs confiscated in fighting rings are not high profile people so they don’t get rescued or rehabilitation. They get killed. No money ! No Best Friends stepping up for those dogs! That really disappoints me because the others deserve the same chance as the Vick dogs. I’m so happy for the dogs from Vick but I think we need to also move forward and help those that aren’t associated with a famous name. The dogs are all the same no matter where they come from .


    1. Because of the Vick dogs fighting dogs across the country have been saved and rehabbed. The 367, Operation Broken Chain and our girl Turtle from the Fearing Six bust. One of the reasons that it is important that we continue to tell the story is that it makes it more likely other dogs will be given that second chance. Never forget, never step down, never give up.


  2. If only the world saw animals thru Foster’s eyes, it would be a wonderful! Thank you Foster for loving Mr. Kitty and showing him the respect we should show all animals. If a child is taught kindness, he will give kindness. Sharing this article, thank you.


  3. Beautifully put. All children should be raised with respect for every living creature. Shame on the adults like the ones videotaping. Condolences on your loss. ❤️


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