So Many Wonderful Dogs…..

Our Turtely Girl
Our Turtely Girl

Last week when I said I was starting to think about a new companion, I was inundated by offers of some absolutely amazing dogs.  I met some wonderful dogs, including wiggly little Andi, a white and brown pocket pittie who was just rescued after living outside with no shelter for 4 years.  She is a beautiful, happy, goofy little girl…but she wasn’t the right fit for our home.  I was offered puppies, seniors, and perfectly healthy young dogs who need a home.  There is only one conclusion I can come to…..there are too many dogs who deserve a home, but don’t yet have one.  It is soul crushing to try to understand the scope of the problem.  The only positive sign is that people are actually working hard to save them.  In the not so distant past, these dogs would have been killed, out of hand.

I want to thank each and every one of you who messaged, emailed, called or visited with a dog needing a home. You are all heroes in my eyes.  You care enough to save and network dogs who might have no other options.  And it makes my heart hurt to realize I can’t take them all home.  But to be fair to my husband, my birds, and our rotund little girl Turtle…..I have to take my time and find a dog who is a perfect fit for our particular circumstances. I cannot replace Ray.  Nor do I want to try.  All I can do is find a dog who resonates with me and my family.

Hanging out with Vicktory Dog Layla and her mom Tess this past weekend made it crystal clear to everyone around me….I need a dog to love.

Ray changed the trajectory of my life.  He opened my eyes to the horrors and abuse of setting dogs against each other for the amusement of sick and twisted humans.  I believe that by working with these victims, and helping them become loving companions, we can help change the US for all pit bull terrier type dogs.  Kevin and I have filled out an application for another dog who has suffered terribly from dog fighting.

I don’t know if we will be approved to adopt this special boy.  And I don’t know that Turtle will approve of him even if we are.  All I know is that he speaks to my heart.  He has been hanging with one of the other Vicktory parents….one of the same ones that brought Turtle into our life.  It just feels right.


7 thoughts on “So Many Wonderful Dogs…..

  1. All anyone can do is follow their heart when bringing a new dog into their home. At present my circumstances prevent me adopting a new puppy, the older dogs accept a baby better, at least that has been my experience. The younger of my two is somewhat psychotic and would never accept an adult, and it is possible he won’t accept another dog period and I may have to wait till he is no longer with me. That would be the first gap between dogs in 50 years, but to be responsible I can’t have the older one aggressive to a new dog. I think everything will work out just fine for you. The dog you need is out there and will come to you. All the best.


  2. I feel like it might be Old Man Hank who you have in mind. Regardless of who comes into your life next, I hope he helps mend you a bit more each day.


  3. Whatever dog you and your other pets choose he or she will be the luckiest dog on earth, Ray was an absolute credit to you and your family and you could see in his eyes he was so great full for you choosing him. Good luck on your search xxxx


  4. Oh Jacque I hope this dog is a perfect fit for your home and his needs are compatible with your circumstances! When my last senior rescue died,I adopted another of the same breed, also a senior with no options left. He is a good boy but is not my soul mate like Charlie Brown was. I love him to bits but it took a while for it to sink in that every relationship brings different gifts and opportunities to give. Some few of them bring something magical. I’ve been blessed with one cat and one dog out of a lifetime with whom I found a spiritual connection. They were the most special gifts. Right now my new little old boy is bowing in front of me, a trick I taught him that he loves to do. Life is good.


  5. Jaqui and glad to see you continue Rays blog.Once a Victory Dog parent always have a big family to support you and Ray-Ray will be smiling down on you as he settles into his new job in heaven. I have No doubt he is the meet-and-greet for the new arrivals.


  6. I’m so happy to see you continue your Ray blog. I so enjoy everything you write. I believe you will make the right choice for you and your family. How can you go wrong with Ray guiding your heart? I’m glad to be a part of this huge family of people who care so much about the welfare of animals. I have a sense of belonging with you all. I’ve never met an animal I didn’t like, but I can’t say that about some people. And as long as there are those kinds of people, the world will need folks like us who care so deeply. God bless you always.


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