Kevin Smith and Mulder

Kevin Smith started a media firestorm yesterday, by posting a picture of him holding his dying dog, and posting how horrible it was to lose a family member.  People accused him of posting this as a bid for media attention.  Let me tell you people, Kevin Smith doesn’t need any additional media attention.  He is not an attention whore.  He is an amazingly talented writer and director, who chose to share something incredibly personal and private.

We’ve all done that.  Facebook has begun to serve as a support system for many people.  We share our thoughts, successes, celebrations, and yes, grief with the world from behind our computer.  Where once we turned to family or close neighbors, we now pour our sorrows and joy out via computer keyboard…hoping to connect with someone in the universe.

In ways, that is very sad.  But in ways it is also amazingly successful.  People who do not have a lot of support in their real lives can find a supportive core group on-line.  It makes us feel as if we weren’t so alone.

As for Kevin Smith….I admire his love and commitment to a dog who had given him so many years of unconditional love.  To honor this family member by laying it all on the line.  It moved me to tears, and from the comments I’ve seen, I was not alone.

I have always admired this man for his work.  Today I honor him for his humanity.


2 thoughts on “Kevin Smith and Mulder

  1. I’ve always loved Kevin Smith for his talent and when I saw the post yesterday, I hurt for him. because I understood him so well & know that one day I will be in the same place with each of my girls (dogs). Many folks have put out there for the FB world to see what they go through when they lose their dogs and I greatly appreciate it because I see the
    different ways they celebrate their dogs and the extent they go through. These posts will help me in my future need. I appreciate that type of sharing…..


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