What is Dogsbite.org?

In 2007 a woman named Colleen Lynn was bit while she was jogging.  Although there was an animal control report made, and the dog was euthanized, Ms Lynn never published either pictures or the actual report or settlement reached with the owners.  An excellent analysis of this incident can be found here: http://legal.pblnn.com/pro-bsl-experts/dogbiteorg/109-collen-lynn-seattle-animal-control-records .  (Thank you to Ray’s supporter for sharing this link).

In response to this incident Colleen Lynn, who is a web designer by trade, decided to launch an anti-dog bite site called Dogsbite.org.  It very quickly morphed into a pit bull hate site.  Colleen lambasts the internet with her “statistics” and “data”, which have no supporting evidence or documentation.  She makes behavioral assumptions about dogs, without any background in dog behavior or training.  Worst of all, she provides supporters with a “Maul Talk Manual” that gives them all the talking points they need to pepper pit bull articles with their hatred and lies.  If you ever read the comments under a positive pit bull story, you will be sure to see some of her rabid supporters parroting the same tired lies again and again.

Colleen has even developed her own vocabulary to deal with pit bulls, their owners, and her supporters. Pit Nutters is one of the nicer things she calls dog owners.  Or how about this one:  any veterinarian or scientist who posts a study or information that doesn’t support her world view is called a “science whore”. Nice, right?

The medical journal “Annals of Surgery” has even written an article debunking Ms. Lynn’s data.  Her numbers, pictures, and statistics are all taken from press accounts.  If the news story calls the dog a pit bull, it goes into her database.  Even if the story is later corrected, if it’s discovered that the dog in an entirely different breed, Colleen’s account does not change.  Hardly scientifically accurate data. The fact that a medical journal felt the need to address this issue shows just how pervasive her rhetoric has proven to be.

Colleen saves the worst of her vitriol for pit pull terrier type dog owners.  She has a position paper called “Pit Bull Owners”.  Here are a few of her contentions:

  • Pittie owners are “not normal dog owners”.  According to her there is a sinister reason that we are drawn to these type of dog.
  • Pit Bull Terrier type dog owners will try to disguise their dog’s breed name.  According to Ms. Lynn, we have always tried to come up new breed names so that we can fool people into thinking these are a totally different breed of dog.
  • Pit Bull Terrier type dog owners have a “don’t blame the dog” mentality.  According to her, no matter what the studies say, no matter what the owner has done or not done to the dog, it is always the dog’s fault when there is an incident.  She says we (the pit nutters) search for ways to blame the victim for the incident.
  • One of her contentions that I found most humorous was that we latch on to the few dogs who have a decent temperament and make them into breed ambassadors, trying to convince people that these dogs are not dangerous animals.  that they aren’t slathering beasts who are waiting for the right moment to kill us in our sleep.  (If my dog killed me in my sleep it would be because I would asphyxiate from the deadly pittie gas).
  • Power dog owners have a “Lion Tamer Complex”.  Which means that we think we have the skills to keep our deadly dogs from wrecking havoc across the country.  Not because our dogs are trained and socialized…….but because we are in fact wild-animal trainers.
  • And finally, with few exceptions, it is criminals who are drawn to these types of dog.  There is no refuting the fact that there are unsavory people who are drawn to strong, powerful dogs.  But please do not tar all of us with that brush.  I’m an almost 60 year old former social worker.  Hardly the type to be considered a “thug”.

Regardless of what factual information we try and share with the world, Colleen Lynn comes up with a statement to refute it.   When the Maddy’s Fund Breed Identification study is brought up, DBO’s response is that we are blowing smoke.  That everyone who sees a pit bull type dog knows exactly what it is.  After all, we all know what beagles and labs look like, right?  She refuses to acknowledge there is no “pit bull” breed.  That many dogs identified as pit bull have none of the power breeds in their background.  When I wrote about Maddy’s Fund study on Ray’s page, one of his followers, Emily Ann Meyer, shared this photo and statement:

Maxmillian…my personal pit imposter. We adopted him WANTING a pit bull, and got a DNA test just for fun and to confirm the shelter’s label of pit/lab. 
He’s neither a pit nor a lab. He’s a vizsla/bullmastiff/bloodhound/German shepherd!


There are many towns in this country where Max would be in danger of being siezed and euthanized.  Not because of his actual DNA, but because of how he looks.  If you take DBO’s logic as truth…it is how a dog looks that determines how he will act.

That is the greatest sin of DBO, they lead people to believe these dogs are horrific monsters.  That every muscular, blocky-headed, short-coated dog is a pit bull and dangerous.  It’s time we take back the power.  Do not let DBO supporters go unchallenged.  We can change the world for our beloved dogs, but we can’t just sit back and hope someone else does it for us.


27 thoughts on “What is Dogsbite.org?

  1. Using her logic, if she had been attacked by a Black man would she be advocating for the destruction of an entire group of human beings??? She is a painfully ignorant human being and I think we should just ignore her hatefulness.


  2. Colleen, you are by far the most uneducated, rambling bitch out there. You got bit, ok sorry about that but that is one incident. It is not the breed you stupid big mouth, it is the owner. Just like all black people are not criminals or every person with a shaved head is a skin head. The fact of the matter is the “pitbull” which is not actually a breed at all was the original NANNY dog. It wasn’t until stupid humans started to try to have the breed for their own sick purposes. It used to be the rottweiler, then German Shepherd, then the doberman. You are an idiot and the people that follow you are as sad as you are. Here is what we don’t know. Why did you get bit. You may have done something stupid(which would not surprise me) and THEN you got bit. You keep running your big mouth ( which the dog should have bit off by the way) and I along with many others will keep educating you retards about dogs and breeds. I am living proof of that type of dog being the most gentle and non agressive. But them I am a responsible owner. I hope your followers now how you catagorize THEM the way you blanket these poor animals. Shame on you and I hope you realize ALL DOGS DO GO TO HEAVEN. It’s in the bible look it up.


  3. Appreciate the article & information on this organization. I’m lucky I had not hear of them before. I’m 70 & would not hesitate to own a pittie. I don’t think I am strange at all. My first trip to Best Friends, I met a couple awesome ambassadors to the breed…they were my first pits. 5 more trips there and then for 6 years a volunteer at a local shelter I’ve have met many pits. The more I am around them the better I like them. 3 fosters were pit bull types. One common trait was their love of people — unfortunately 2 had no love for other furry things. This can be dealt with as long as you work at understanding their personality & needs.


  4. One of the problems that keeps this web site, and it’s misguided, ill informed, and fear-paralyzed, founder, relevant is that each time there is a story relating to pit bull violence, the media feels the need to present the “other side.” Because all of the experts on the subject are on one side, this web site is always the one that is presented as the “opposing view,” making it appear to be factual and important. Somehow, someone with connections needs to make inroads into the media outlets to let them know that this is just more “fake news.”


  5. I’m a pittie owner and while we didn’t go to the shelter with a breed in mind, it’s what we ended up with. My mother now wonders if we’d ever get another breed. I can’t imagine not having Jax in my life. Oh, and contrary to DBO, I am not a criminal, (in fact I come from a family of police officers) I’m a pharmacist.


  6. One of my readers/friends asked how best to spread the message to debunk DBO and even PETA and here we have the best example. I’m more of the mindset of not calling their insanity to the forefront and just continuing to do what we do to shed a good light on our personal dogs.
    Smother the negativity with positivity.


  7. I am nurse and love to read real double blind studies that would impact my opinion based on science. Media reports and ‘studies’ done by people with a vested interest in the outcome are rarely enlightening and never “‘scientific’. In reviewing the dogsbite.org site, I was not impressed that the data was at all scientific. If I were really interested in proving my point, I would be more prone to include actual studies that meet the definition of the scientific method. My best guess is that the author behind this blog has an ulterior motive or past history and is attempting to skew the data in to influence people to her point of view. Supporting a viewpoint with facts is interesting and worth considering. However, this site does not do that. I am particularly bothered that the second point immediately after the mission statement is a request for donations.

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    1. Colleen thinks we are all just ‘out to get her’ and attempt to slander and smother her ‘valuable information.’ You, apparently, are not even familiar with her and her culties and, yet, you nailed her to the ‘T’ by just an unbiased reading of her blog. Thank you for reading it with common sense and proving our point.


    2. They’re ‘about us’ page talks mostly about hosting and mailing costs that need funding by the people. It’s all garbage. If they are truly a registered not-for-profit does that mean they have to legally release their financial reports to anyone asking under the freedom of information act?? I’d love to request their reports and see what they actually spend and what they get.


  8. You also forgot that we are all single lesbians with no kids and can only get love from pit bulls. She also has a strange obsession with bestiality and often discusses the fact she thinks pit bull owners are having sexual relations with their dogs (yes, that is a true statement).

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  9. You got that part right . You also got the rest of this post right! Colleen drew blood when she got the dog euthanized and I think that’s when she decided that she somehow has the ability to decide what should happen to millions of dogs.

    The same is true for Jeff Borchardt (Daxton’s Friends) who is her latest prodegy. His son died and he now feels he is a dog expert. It’s incredibly sad.

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  10. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I’m a 60year old, lifetime “pit bull-type” owner and lover. NOT a thug, just a dog enthusiast who has no breed prejudice. But I have been thoroughly loved by pit bulls in my life, and I’ve got to say that there is no greater love to be blessed upon you than to be the chosen companion of a pit bull. I’m in if I can help de-bunk this stupid, ignorant site in any way!

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