Why a Pit Bull?

“There are dozens of large dog breeds to choose from, why a pit bull?” is a question I’ve been asked more than once. It is a question that is impossible to answer, unless A) you are a dog lover and B) you have had the unique good fortune to have been loved by a pit bull terrier type dog.

Growing up my family had Basset Hounds. In my adult life we have had an Irish Setter, a Basenji, a Golden Retriever, a MinPin, a couple of Labs and a mutt. But that was BP (before pittie). Everyone has some particular thing they are looking for in a dog. A hunter likes a hunting dog. A rancher wants a shepherd type dog. Some people like toy breeds as they are small, portable and don’t make a lot of mess.

My requirements for a dog were pretty specific: I wanted a dog who would chill out when I was lazy and willing to go when I wasn’t. I wanted a dog who wanted to be with me, as much as I wanted to be with him. I wanted a dog who’s joy in life is contagious. I wanted a dog who was smart enough to train but stubborn enough to be a challenge. I wanted a dog who could make me laugh. And I wanted a dog with a heart big enough to love everyone he met. No dog BP ever filled all of my requirements. They were great dogs. I loved them very much. But it seems like I was destined to always be missing something in my canine relationships.

And then I met Ray. Something changed in my life the day I met this little brown dog. He has helped me become a better person. He has shown me that there are human/canine bonds that transcend owner/pet relationships. He has forced me to become more social and to talk to strangers….something that has always been hard for me. Because of Ray, I have become more educated in positive reinforcement training and breed discrimination. Ray taught me that pit bulls are not big, scary time-bombs waiting to go off and kill someone. Ray fits every single one of my requirements for the perfect dog. And when Turtle came into our lives, she did the same thing.

Ray ready to strut

Why a pit bull? Because there is no breed of dog that is as human oriented or as loving as these dogs are. No matter what humans have done to them…they continue to think the best of us. I work hard every day to be the person my dog already thinks I am.


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