It’s Getting Real…..


Lately I’ve been finding myself writing longer and longer posts about things that matter a great deal to me and my family.  Facebook was meant for short and sweet posts, not long drawn-out discussions of studies and behavior.  So….for the first time ever, I have decided to author a blog.

You will all need to bear with me as I try and navigate the world of blog-posts and bloggers!  I am hoping this format will make it easier to find the things I need: data and studies on pit bull terrier type dogs, particular videos or stories that make me smile, and information I feel it is important to share in the battle to educate the world at large about these amazing dogs.

I am hoping this blog will serve as a resource for people who want to help pit bull terrier type dogs. Or any dogs for that matter.  I am hoping it becomes an interactive site, where others can share important information.  We all love dogs….let’s work together to make a difference!

We will still have a Facebook page, and we will share these blog posts on that page.  This is just a way to keep things organized a little better.

I am going to begin by importing some of our favorite posts from the past.  Enjoy.


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