Dogs at Large

Dear people with unleashed or uncontrolled dogs:

Please do not yell and tell me it’s fine. That your dog is friendly. Mine is not. And he comes from a fighting background, dogs rushing toward him makes him think he will have to fight or die.

Really…do not tell me that maybe I should go ahead and let my dog bite yours, to “teach him a lesson”. You do not understand. Your little poodle doesn’t stand a chance against a large dog with fear based aggression.  It would not end well.

Please do not become upset when I spray your dog with citronella spray. Yes, it stings, but I may have just saved your dog’s life. And I certainly protected mine from being labeled a vicious dog.

No, I do not think my dog needs to be muzzled in public. He is wonderful with humans. He is leashed and obedient. We are minding the law. You are the one breaking it by allowing Fluffy to run at large.

And finally…for heaven’s sake, please teach your children safe dog skills. My dog is great with children. He is even wonderful with special needs people. But not all dogs are. Children need to learn to ask before reaching for a strange dog. They need to be able to read body language. They need to know how to have acceptable interactions with a dog they don’t know. Studies show an 82% reduction in dog bites in communities where children attend a class in dog skills.


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